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CD Projekt’s Next Game Is Based On Cyberpunk 2020


This is so awesome I can barely contain my glee.

Dead Space 3 Logo, First Screenshot Ominously Debuts


Nothing is revealed.

Dead Space Short Intros New Character, Possibly for Dead Space 3

dead space 3 carver thumb

Meet John Carver, a dude who shoots necromorphs.

E3 2012: Sony Rumored To Announce Plus Revamp W/Vita Support



Square Enix Thinks Activision ‘Crazy’ For Giving Up Sleeping Dogs


We think they made a heroic sacrifice for the greater good.

What We’re Excited About for E3 2012

zeldapuppet thumb

We’re looking forward to some huge games at E3 2012. Here’s what we’re hoping to see.

Avalanche And Square Enix Joining Forces For Open World Game


No reason was given. Just ’cause, I guess. ZING.

Crysis 2: Maximum Edition Announced


To the max.

Watch The Prototype 2 Excessive Force DLC Trailer


Lots of heavy damage included.

Hitman: Absolution Teaser Image Implies – UGH – Multiplayer


Did we mention how unnecessary this is? Because, yeah.

Terrible-Looking Reported Halo 4 Footage Leaks…on VHS

halo 4 thumb

Get a really blurry look at what Halo 4 multiplayer might be like.

More The Elder Scrolls Online News: Public Dungeons!


Not to be confused with the modern American approach to incarceration.

Bungie Confirms They Won’t Be At E3 2012



The PC Gamer’s Guide to E3


See what upcoming PC titles to keep on eye on at E3 2012.

The Elder Scrolls Online Combat System Revealed!


Read all about it.

E3 Organizer Maintains Show is Not Irrelevant

bioshock infinite dead horse thumb

So stop saying that, pundits.

ESA: E3 Totally Isn’t Irrelevant


Maybe, maybe not.

Bethesda Launches Tumblr Full of Dishonored Art, Gifs

dishonored whale slaughterhouse thumb

Lots of media goodies to look at and listen to here.

And Now, Some Sleeping Dogs Screenshots


Thrill to the thrilling thrill ride.

John Carmack: Still “Lots Of 30hz Games” In Next Gen


We know this is true.

Watch The Sleeping Dogs 101 Trailer


Lots of brutal police violence.

Sony Supposedly Announcing Cloud Gaming Deal at E3, Rumor Says

onlive thumb

Could be teaming with OnLive or Gaikai to stream games to PS3s.

Game Front’s (Completely Accurate) E3 Predictions


Look into our crystal ball

Metro: Last Light Short Shows Escape into Moscow’s Tunnels (VIDEO)

metro last light thumb

Live-action trailer/shorts/movies are cool.

Game Front’s Guide to E3 (GRAPHIC)


Check out the games of E3.

Defiance Is a Show and a Game, But Not a Game Show [VIDEO]


Learn more about Syfy and Trion Worlds collaboration.

Devil May Cry Pre-E3 Video Interview (With James!)


Get the skinny on the DMC reboot.

A Battle-Hardened Look At The Black Ops 2 Demo

Call of Duty: Black Ops

The near-future is wild, and possibly awesome.

‘There’s Not a Single Story’ in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (VIDEO)

black ops 2 lamia thumb

Treyarch Studio Head Mark Lamia sits down to talk about branching narratives and other things in Black Ops II.

Failure in Black Ops 2 Could Be Call of Duty’s Greatest Innovation

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Treyarch’s additions to Black Ops 2 could be the refreshment for which Call of Duty has been begging.

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