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Watch Dogs Preview: Hacking Other Players’ Games Will Be Easy

watch dogs hacker thumb

Players will be able to invade one another’s games and hack to their hearts’ content in Watch Dogs.

Ryse: Son of Rome E3 Preview: Et Tu, QTE?


“This is Sparta!” your way across Britannia in Crytek’s upcoming Roman-age combat title for the Xbox One.

Payday 2 Preview: Overkill Making ‘Dark Souls of Heist Games’

payday 2 2 thumb

Payday 2 is making everything about the first game better, including the things you’ll steal (and keep).

Watch_Dogs: Game Front’s E3 2013 Best Of Show


Our choice for E3′s best shows tremendous promise, and looks gorgeous.

Your Season 1 Choices Will Affect The Walking Dead: 400 Days

walking dead 400 days thumb

Everything you did in The Walking Dead plays into DLC pack 400 Days, and your choices in the DLC will affect Season Two.

Friday Flame Wars: Who Won E3? Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo?


Sony. Come dare to disagree with me.

E3 2013 West Hall Booth Tour (GALLERY)


We’ve shown you what the South Hall of E3 looks like, and now we’ve got more photos to give you…

Battlefield 4 Will Not Have Modding Support


No modding support for BF4, now or ever.

EA Games: The Online Pass is Dead


EA has no plans to revive the Online Pass.

The Witcher 3 Dev Disappointed by Xbox One Geographical Limitations


The maker of The Witcher 3 is unhappy at the Xbox One’s geographical limitations.

PDP Afterglow Prismatic Headset: Redesigned and Universal


Our crack hardware reporter bathes in the afterglow.

PowerA’s MOGA Power Controllers Charge Your Phone While You Game


That’s mighty convenient!

How to Survive E3 Preview: Top Down ARPG Meets Zombie Survival Sim


Step 1: Aim for the head.

How Sony Won E3 2013


The story of a slaughter.

Fez 2 Announced at E3 2013


Fez 2 is in the works!

Mad Max E3 Preview: The Road Warrior Game We’ve Been Waiting For?


Follow all our coverage of E3 2013 by visiting our E3 channel! Precious petrol. In the post-apocalyptic world of Mad…

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Interview: DRM, Open World, and More


Geralt of Rivia isn’t pretty. Prominent facial scars, a set of freaky yellow cat eyes, and a shock of white…

The Witcher 3 Will Let You Import Your Witcher 2 Save


The Witcher 3 will let you draw upon your save from the previous game.

Game Front’s E3 2013 Best of Show Nominees


Tell us your picks and we’ll reveal ours!

Turtle Beach Shows Off Xbox One Licensed Headsets at E3


Turtle Beach, along with Polk audio, is one of only two officially licensed Xbox One audio partners at the moment….

Hands-On with Mad Catz: Mojo, CTRLr, New PC Gear


Mad Catz has a sizable booth at E3 this year, packed with new PC peripherals and a forthcoming Android console….

Titanfall is ‘Platform Agnostic’, May Be Getting PS4 Release


Titanfall’s release on the PS4 may only be a matter of time.

Xbox One Will Only Support LIVE in Certain Countries At Launch


Microsoft: moving at one fail an hour since 2013.

Randy Pitchford Convinced Sony to Double PS4 System Memory


Borderlands’ creator convinced Sony to double its system memory.

TESO “Runs Really Well” on Average PCs, Amazing on High-End


“The great thing about the game is it scales really well.”

Up Close with the Razer Blade 14 and Blade Pro


You’ll die as you live in the flash of the Blade.

Ubisoft: No Wii U-Exclusives Unless Nintendo Sells More Systems


The French publisher will only make more Wii U exclusive games if Nintendo sells more systems.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt E3 Preview: Massive, Beautiful


Follow all our coverage of E3 2013 by visiting our E3 channel! The Leshen stood stone still as Geralt hacked…

Witcher 3 Is “35 Times Larger” Than Witcher 2. Um, Really?


Follow all our coverage of E3 2013 by visiting our E3 channel! The open-world of Witcher 3 is apparently 35…

Wargaming at E3: Tanks, Planes, Ships, and Explosions


Wargaming knows how to be bombastic.

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