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Command and Conquer Multiplayer Saved by Community


By now, everyone should be well aware of Gamespy’s shut-down which affected quite a large assortment of games that relied…

20 New Dragon Age: Inquisition Screenshots From E3 (Gallery)


Along with a new trailer, Bioware has released 20 new screenshots for your viewing pleasure. Want to keep up with…

Battlefield: Hardline E3 Screenshots (Gallery)


Remember playing cops and robbers as a kid? Imagine that, plus EXPLOSIONS! That’s the most basic way to describe what…

Electronic Arts shuts down Mythic Entertainment


Famous for Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer Online, EA has decided that Mythic Entertainment will be no more. Although…

Crysis 3 in Beautiful 8K Glory


A resolution hack allows Crysis 3 to go all the way to the staggering size of 8000×3333. You think those…

Electronic Arts: Greed Is Not the Problem


Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on

Get a Quick Introduction of Crysis 3′s Multiplayer (TRAILER)

crysis 3 thumb

A few changes have been made to multiplayer for the upcoming Crysis 3, and Crytek just dished out a new…

StarCry Mod Brings Sci-Fi References to Crysis

starcry thumb

It even includes the Stargate staff weapons!

Watch 17 Minutes of Dead Space 3, With Commentary

dead space 3 space thhumb

This may waylay your fears of co-op ruining Dead Space 3.

Mass Effect 3′s Refusal Ending: ‘Artistic Integrity’ Achieved


The new, fan-requested (demanded?) ending to Mass Effect 3 is both a slap and a gift to frustrated fans.

Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut Ending DLC Review

mass effect 3 stargazer thumb

BioWare’s free ending DLC significantly improves on the original endings. They’re still kind of bad, but at least they’re no longer broken.

EA Confirms Dead Space 3, Need for Speed by March 2013

dead space 2 flight thumb

It’s official — EA is publishing sequels in successful franchises. I’ll alert the media…oh, wait.

Is EA’s DLC Worse than Illegal Foreclosure?


EA becomes the worst company in America, and the world is destroyed.

Big Huge Games: If Kingdoms of Amalur Sells Well, They’ll Make a Sequel

kingdoms of amalur thumb

Big Huge Games would love to make more Amalur games.

BioWare Says SWTOR Could Have Been Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings Instead

game of thrones tyrion thumb

If only they’d known that Game of Thrones would be super-popular and that the licensing fees were way cheaper!

Domain Names Reveal Command and Conquer: Alliances

command and conquer hoffident thumb

I really hope we get more of The Hoffident.

Need for Speed World Tony’s Pizza Giveaway (CONTEST)


You can win free pizza, an in-game car rental, and other stuff!

Devs: Secret World is a ‘Globetrotting Adventure’ (TRAILER)

the secret world thumb

That’s kind of opposite what I thought the game was actually like.

EA Throws Big Easter Sale in iTunes App Store

dead space ios thumb

Dead Space is on sale for only $0.99, as is NBA Jam. You need to own these two games if you have an iPhone — it’s that simple.