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Hey, It’s a Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Weekend: Operation Detonator

mass effect 3 multiplayer 2 thumb

Biotics are going to tear things up this weekend.

SWTOR Update 1.6 Focuses On ‘Heroic Missions’


So are they?

Dragon Age 3 Likely Out For Next Gen Consoles Only

Dragon-Age-Origins thumb

So sayeth Superannuation.

Mass Effect 3 ‘Omega’ DLC Review: More of the Same

mass effect 3 omega 1 thumb

If it were part of the original release of Mass Effect 3, Omega would have been a great portion. Months later, it’s kind of boring.

Origin’s Black Friday Deals Are Great, Surprisingly


Yeah I said it.

Dice Might Be Making Mirror’s Edge 2



Casey Hudson: Should ME4 Be Prequel Or Sequel?

mass effect 3 omega thumb

Please, no prequels.

War Stories: How Medal of Honor and Others Get It Wrong


The phony “authenticity” of Modern Military Shooters.

John Riccitiello Calls For Universal Ratings System


And we almost agree with him for the first time ever.

Attention: Is Down For The Next 12 Hours


Likely related to the impending F2P conversion.

See Some Crysis 3 Single Player Gameplay in Action

crysis 3 thumb

Prophet greases some dudes.

How Mass Effect 4 Can Be Great, in 5 Steps


We think it’s possible, though things have to break just so…

Awkward: Some Copies Of Blops 2 Have Mass Effect 2 Discs

black ops 2 zombies tease small thumb

This is the video gaming equivalent of lipstick on your collar.

Mass Effect 4 Uses Frostbite, Will Be Made In Montreal


It looks like Casey Hudson is stepping back a bit…

Star Wars: The Old Republic Goes Free-To-Play Nov. 15

old republic cartel coins thumb

It’s coming with more Cartel Coins.

Former BioWare Producer: New IP Not Priority For EA


You think?

Behold The Mass Effect 3 Happy Ending Mod


It’s clunky, but a valiant effort.

Navy SEALs Punished For Advising on Medal of Honor: Warfighter


Classified information disclosed to Danger Close, according to CBS.

Casey Hudson Asks What Fans Want From New Mass Effect

BLASTO thumb

We want your opinions too.

And It Begins: BioWare Mythic Reverts Back To Mythic


We called this one.

N7 Day: Looking Back at Mass Effect

mass effect 3 husks thumb

Despite the row that was the ending of the Mass Effect trilogy earlier this year, it’s hard to deny the…

Battlefield 3: Aftermath To Have Stuttered Release


So save up?

Mass Effect Trilogy Gets a Trailer for Nov. 6 Release

mass effect trilogy thumb

The box set is coming this week for Xbox and PC players, December for PS3 players.

EA Brags About 30 Mil Origin Users


But let’s not get out of hand.

Is Medal Of Honor Dead?


Maybe so.

Need For Speed Most Wanted Will See a Lot of Crashed Cops (VID)

need for speed most wanted thumb

Hey, it’s fast-moving cars!

SWTOR FTP Restrictions Eased Somewhat


We have the brief deets inside.

PSA: Battlefield 4 Beta Invites Are Fakes — Avoid ‘Em

battlefield 3 camping thumb

Apparently, there are bogus Battlefield 4 beta invite emails floating around the Internet, but if you see one, you should…

Mass Effect Movie Gets A New Writer

mass effect 3 omega thumb

Still not going to happen.

Well, EA Has Gone All-In On Digital Gaming


This is kind of weird, truth be told.

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