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BioWare Breaks Down Differences in SWTOR Free, Paid Versions

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See the things you’ll need to pay for if you go with the free option.

Trailer Shows Off Dead Space 3 Limited Edition In-Game Bonuses

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See the special suits and guns in action.

Mass Effect 3 ‘Omega’ DLC Dated and Priced

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You’ll have to wait a little more than a month.

5 Ways EA Can Get SWTOR Free-to-Play Right

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The free-to-play transition is coming to Bioware’s MMO. Here’s what they need to get it right.

Dice Threatens To Ban Users of BF3 Color Tweak Mod


It’s unclear why.

BioWare Beat: BioWare Is Bleeding Bigwigs


Yet another pair of high profile departures hit EA’s RPG wing, and one of them is (obliquely) commenting.

Mass Effect 3 Retaliation DLC Brings Back the Collectors (TRAILER)

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It’s a new free multiplayer DLC.

SimCity Dev Walks You Through Starting a City (VIDEO)

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Get a little city-building 101 with this video.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter Will Include At Least 1 Car Chase (VID)

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And here’s a big long trailer of it.

Salute The Warfighter Beta Announce Trailer

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Or get courtmartialed.

Medal of Honor Warfighter Beta Snaps To Attention October 5


Got that, soldier?

Drop Everything And Read Marauder Shields Episode 35: Plan B


It’s great, obviously.

Mass Effect 3 Patch 4 Is Gigantic


But the ending still sucks.

Surprise! The Mass Effect Trilogy Won’t Include All DLC


It’s kind of shaping up to be a rip off.

Mass Effect Trilogy Bundle Has Something ‘Special’ For FemShep

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Now EA Owns Battlelog Dev. Ho Ho Ho.


Good to know they can take their time dismantling this company.

BioWare Releasing All Mass Effect Titles in One Package

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Playstation 3 owners will finally get access to Mass Effect 1.

Omega DLC Plot Found on Mass Effect 3 Game Disc

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It was there all along!

People Say Nice Things About Crysis 3 In This Trailer

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Lookin’ spiffy.

BioWare Beat: Irish Call Center Switched To General EA use


Tick tock, people. Tick tock.

With Mass Effect 4 Confirmed, Is BioWare Just A Brand Name?


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

BioWare: Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC ‘Coming in the Fall’

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We’re going to retake Omega, I bet.

BioWare Founders Retire After Nearly 20 Years with Company

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Is this the untimely end of Milhouse–er, BioWare?

SWTOR Begins High Population Server Tech Testing


Surely, this means they have a high population of plahahahahaha.

The Warfighter Basilan Single Player Trailer Is Rainy


The Philippines never looked so sweltering and muggy.

Check Out Warfighter’s SEAL Team 6 Combat Training Episode 3


EA has released another Medal of Honor: Warfighter video in their series of SEAL Team 6 combat training videos. This…

Gibeau Insists EA Doesn’t Meddle With its Developers


Yeah, I’m a cynic.

SWTOR Lead Designer Erickson ‘Actively Looking for New Opportunities’

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Could this LinkedIn profile point to Erickson leaving BioWare?

FIFA Soccer 13 Demo Available Now on Origin

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If you can get it to work, that is.

BioWare Commits to New SWTOR Content ‘Every Six Weeks’

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They want you back.

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