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Mass Effect 3 Patch 4 Is Gigantic


But the ending still sucks.

Surprise! The Mass Effect Trilogy Won’t Include All DLC


It’s kind of shaping up to be a rip off.

Mass Effect Trilogy Bundle Has Something ‘Special’ For FemShep

mass effect trilogy thumb


Now EA Owns Battlelog Dev. Ho Ho Ho.


Good to know they can take their time dismantling this company.

BioWare Releasing All Mass Effect Titles in One Package

mass effect trilogy thumb

Playstation 3 owners will finally get access to Mass Effect 1.

Omega DLC Plot Found on Mass Effect 3 Game Disc

mass effect 2 omega thumb

It was there all along!

People Say Nice Things About Crysis 3 In This Trailer

crysis 3 thumb

Lookin’ spiffy.

BioWare Beat: Irish Call Center Switched To General EA use


Tick tock, people. Tick tock.

With Mass Effect 4 Confirmed, Is BioWare Just A Brand Name?


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

BioWare: Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC ‘Coming in the Fall’

mass effect 2 omega thumb

We’re going to retake Omega, I bet.

BioWare Founders Retire After Nearly 20 Years with Company

sad liara thumb

Is this the untimely end of Milhouse–er, BioWare?

SWTOR Begins High Population Server Tech Testing


Surely, this means they have a high population of plahahahahaha.

The Warfighter Basilan Single Player Trailer Is Rainy


The Philippines never looked so sweltering and muggy.

Check Out Warfighter’s SEAL Team 6 Combat Training Episode 3


EA has released another Medal of Honor: Warfighter video in their series of SEAL Team 6 combat training videos. This…

Gibeau Insists EA Doesn’t Meddle With its Developers


Yeah, I’m a cynic.

SWTOR Lead Designer Erickson ‘Actively Looking for New Opportunities’

daniel erickson linkedin thumb

Could this LinkedIn profile point to Erickson leaving BioWare?

FIFA Soccer 13 Demo Available Now on Origin

fifa soccer 13 thumb

If you can get it to work, that is.

BioWare Commits to New SWTOR Content ‘Every Six Weeks’

old republic dancing thumb

They want you back.

Warfighter Hunt Map Pack Based On Search For Bin Ladin


I hate to admit I want to do this because screw that guy.

EA Says Command & Conquer Actually Will Have Single Player

command and conquer thumb

The Internet has complained loudly, and EA has listened, it seems.

Friday Flame War: EA’s Multiplayer Focus — Yay or Nay?

Is EA killing all games or pushing games to be more than they are? Weigh in!

Actually, EA’s Multiplayer-only Policy Could Be a Good Thing

dead space 3 isaac carver thumb

Let EA abandon single-player experiences — someone else will rise to take up the mantel, and specialization is good.

Check Out Warfighter SEAL Team 6 Combat Training


Bang bang bang.

Yet Another Mass Effect 3 Bounty Weekend Starts Tomorrow

mass effect 3 multi 1 thumb little

Your job: get shot so a robot doesn’t have to.

BioWare Sending Surveys Asking ‘How Can We Improve Our Games?’

mass effect 3 cerberus thumb

The surveys just collect data on platform usage, though. But we’re putting the question to you!

Battlefield 3 ‘Armored Kill’ DLC Hits PS3 Today

battlefield 3 flying thumb

If you’re a Battlefield Premium subscriber, that is.

BioWare on SWTOR F2P: Not Trying to Squeeze Every Penny Out of It

old republic gunslinger thumb

BioWare Austin’s boss talks about moving to the freemium model.

Mass Effect 3 ‘Leviathan’ DLC Review

mass effect 3 leviathan 3 thumb

Mass Effect 3′s first story DLC offers very little new, and its story doesn’t add much to the overall game.

Battlefield 3 DLC ‘Armored Kill’ Dated for September

battlefield 3 armored kill thumb

More vehicles are on their way.

Mass Effect 3′s Leviathan DLC Emphasizes Underwater Mech Travel

mass effect 3 leviathan thumb

It’s an ocean planet!

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