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Mass Effect 3′s Citadel Bad for the Game, Maybe Bad for the Future

me3 citadel 1 thumb

Citadel trades strong storytelling for feel-good character moments and happy endings. Hope it’s not a trend.

SimCity’s Always Online Mode Is Only Necessary For DRM


SimCity may not necessarily need its servers to handle anything beyond DRM and social features.

Maxis: Having Too Few SimCity Servers ‘Dumb’, Offers Free Game

simcity disaster thumb

You get a free game for having bought one that doesn’t work. Yay.

SimCity 2000 Special Edition Still $5.99 on GOG


Jus’ sayin’.

SimCity Available Through Amazon Again, But With a Warning

sim-city1_large thumb

You can buy it, but you probably shouldn’t.

Dead Space 3 ‘Awakened’ Trailer Looks Old-School Dead Space

dead space 3 danik thumb

Some vague visual info about next week’s DLC pack.

EA Won’t Ban Origin Accounts for SimCity Bank Disputes

simcity thumb

The threat of retribution for trying to force a refund has been lifted, it seems.

Mass Effect 3 Citadel Review: Almost Enough. Almost.


I went into “The Citadel” DLC for Mass Effect 3 barely able to feel anything beyond a tepid ‘whatever.’ A…

SimCity Players Petition EA To Remove Always-Online DRM


Forced ultrasounds are wrong! Also fix SimCity!

EA Probably Won’t Refund You for SimCity

simcity thumb

Don’t expect to get your money back.

Amazon Pulls SimCity From Store As Server Issues Persist

simcity big thumb

It seems server issues are causing serious fan dissatisfaction, so Amazon is no longer selling SimCity.

SimCity Patch Disables Features: Cheetah Speed and Achievements


Several of SimCity’s key social features have been disabled.

Phil vs. Phil: Is It Crazy to Skip Crysis 3 Because of Origin?

philvphil2 (1) thumb

Phil Owen and Phil Hornshaw debate whether platform should be an impediment to great games.

Where Is GameFront’s SimCity Review?


Short answer: It’s coming soon, but not too soon.

Friday Flame Wars: CliffyB Mans The Barricades


Flame on!

Response to Cliffy: Micro-Transactions Make Game Design Worse

gears 3 dlc thumb

Cliffy B doesn’t take into account the fact that micro-transactions don’t just nickel and dime players, they make game design worse.

Crysis 3 PC Review: The New Bow


Crytek’s new shooter under the gun.

Dead Space 3 PC Review: More Than a ‘Straight Port’

dead space 3 feeder close thumb

Visceral presents a competent Dead Space 3 port that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with its console counterparts.

EA Lays Off Devs in L.A., Montreal as Part of ‘Console Transition’

army of two devil's cartel thumb

Rumor has it, EA is shutting down Army of Two: Devil’s Cartel developer EA Montreal.

Final Mass Effect 3 DLC ‘Citadel’ Dated — Retcon Incoming?

Citadel thumb

We’re going back to the Citadel one last time.

Crysis 3: PC Developer Console Commands


Playing around in the dev console is half the fun—a small, but not insignificant part of the fun, in any case.

Mass Effect’s Kimberly Brooks Talks Voice Over, Working in Games

brooks interview thumb

Check out this lengthy interview with the woman who voices Ashley Williams.

Check Out Marauder Shields 42: ‘Without Remorse’


Once again, it’s good.

Visceral: Dead Space 3 Never Designed to Force Micro-Transactions

dead space 3 bench thumb

Executive Producer Steve Papoutsis talks about how Visceral built micro-transactions into Dead Space 3.

Visceral: Dead Space 3′s Priority is Quality, Not Survival-Horror

dead space 3 unitologists thumb

Viseral Games’ Steve Papoutsis talks about co-op, horror and cover shooting after the launch of Dead Space 3.

Dead Space 3 PC – How to Unlock Your FPS


Make the jerky movements of the necromorphs a little smoother.

EA: Dead Space 3 Item Farming ‘Not a Glitch,’ No Plans to Patch

dead space 3 limited edition suits thumb

That puts the ethical debate to bed over exploits in Dead Space 3.

Crysis 3 Multiplayer Beta Report: Speed Thrills


Early impressions of Crytek’s marquee shooter.

Dead Space 3 PC – How to Change Your FOV

Drifting Through The Graveyard

Get a better perspective on necromorph slaughter.

Dead Space 3 Chapter Names Could Hint at Dead Space 4 Story

dead space 3 space thhumb

Could Dead Space 4 see a return to Saturn? We’ve found a clue.

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