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Where’s Game Front’s Dead Space 3 Review?

dead space 3 space thhumb

Expect our reviews (more than one) later this week, with lots more coverage coming.

Insanity is Dead Space’s Secret (and Underused) Weapon

horrorscope dead space thumb

Taking a look at how Dead Space handles the trope of insanity, to strong and not-so-strong results.

Patch Leaks Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer DLC Details

mass effect 3 dlc tease 2 small thumb

Cooperative story missions seem to be coming to the next DLC drop.

Why Dead Space 2 is One of the Best Sequels Ever Made

dead space 2 flight thumb

Looking back at Dead Space 2, it really is an expert course in exactly how to make a great sequel.

Latest Trailer Gives a Few Hints About Dead Space 3′s Story

dead space 3 co-op thumb

Here’s some very vague information about what goes on in Dead Space 3.

‘Perfect Weapon’ is the Fifth of Crysis 3′s ’7 Wonders’ Trailers

crysis 3 thumb

More video of the Nanosuit in action in Crysis 3.

Dumb Things Fanboys Say: ‘Companies Exist to Make Money’


That doesn’t mean we have to like the way they do it

Dead Space 3 Includes 4 Unlockable Modes, Including ‘Classic’

dead space 3 limited edition suits thumb

These unlockable modes are going to bring the scary, says Visceral.

Casey Hudson, Mike Gamble Tease Mass Effect 3 DLC with Pics

mass effect 3 dlc tease 1 small thumb

Here are two not-really-that-compelling images.

Dead Space 3 Trailer Has Your Daily Allowance of Phil Collins

dead space 3 snow thumb

We’re a little more than a week out from the launch of Dead Space 3, and that means another new…

If EA Games Made Team Fortress 2


This is the stuff of nightmares.

Dead Space 3 Demo Impressions: Hope the Game is Scarier

dead space 3 snow thumb

We pick apart the Dead Space 3 demo and find some good, and some not-so good.

Star Wars: The Old Republic’s ‘Rise of the Hutt Cartel’ Gets a Trailer

old republic rise of the hutt cartel thumb

You’re probably going to have to kill that giant slug with the robot arm.

Crysis 3 Mutliplayer Beta Starts Jan. 29, And Here’s a Trailer

crysis 3 1 thumb

It’ll be open to everyone!

SimCity Creative Director Justifies The Game’s Always-Online Requirement


Ocean Quigley can say what he likes about SimCity’s always-online requirement, but will the fans listen?

Dead Space 3 Kinect Will Reward You For Cursing at Your TV

dead space 3 co-op thumb

Certain words will trigger hidden commands.

This Mod Makes Mass Effect 3 a Bit More Cinematic

mass effect 3 cinematic mod thumb

Tune your ME3 graphics with this mod.

Dead Space 3 Demo Coming January 22

dead space 3 space thhumb

Scared yet?

Mass Effect 3 ‘Omega’ Post-Mortem: Time To Stop Caring?

mass effect 3 omega 1 thumb

We look back on the most recent Mass Effect 3 DLC and conclude… dang.

Catch Up on Dead Space 3′s Story With This Trailer (SPOILERS)

dead space 3 space thhumb

Catch up on the Dead Space story before next month’s Dead Space 3 release.

Go Fast With NFS: Most Wanted’s Ultimate Speed Pack (TRAILER)

need for speed most wanted ultimate speed pack thumb

Get some new cars and new races.

Maxis’ SimCity Reddit AMA Backfires Hilariously


All is well with the universe. ALL.

Biggest Gaming Disappointments of 2012


We haz a sad.

How To Build A PC For Crysis 3

crysis 3 thumb

Heck yeah, it runs Crysis!

In the Long Grass: Hands-on With Crysis 3


How is the Crytek shooter shaping up ahead of its Q1 release?

Dragon Age Origins And DA2 Promo Items Now Free

Dragon-Age-Origins thumb


Crysis 3 Release Date Announced


Prophet is coming.

BioWare: Next ME3 DLC Has “High Potential For Tears”

mass effect 3 multiplayer 2 thumb

The tears of disappointed fans, they probably mean.

Behold: Crysis 3 System Specs


Behold your wallet being punched.

Pre-order Dead Space 3 from GameStop, Get This Gun (TRAILER)

dead space 3 limited edition suits thumb

Want a trailer for a digital gun you can unlock by pre-ordering Dead Space 3? Well, good news!

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