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Elite: Dangerous Port Likely Coming to PS4, Xbox One

elite dangerous

Elite: Dangerous may make its way to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 after its initial PC launch. That, at least,…

Elite: Dangerous Jumps to Premium Beta


At $41 million and counting, Star Citizen’s unprecedented crowdfunding campaign has made it easy to lose track of that other…

Multiplayer Alpha Launched for Elite: Dangerous Backers


With Star Citizen’s unprecedented crowdfunding campaign (now over $38 million) stealing all the headlines, it’s easy to lose track of…

Elite: Dangerous Adds Oculus Rift VR Support


Elite: Dangerous (you know, that other massive, gorgeous-looking space sim by an industry icon that was Kickstarted early this year)…

Now Notch Wants To Make A Firefly-Inspired Space Trading Game?


I think he might just be trying to provoke a reaction. Mission accomplished! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE