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Three Devs Depart after Epic Acquires Gears of War: Judgment Studio

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The departure was amiable, though, and Epic says it won’t affect Judgment.

Gears of War Producer Fergusson Joins BioShock: Infinite Team

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That’s an interesting move.

Big Huge Games Rises From The Dead As Impossible Games


This is spectacular news.

Gabe Newell is Excited about a new Virtual Reality Headset

oculus rift

Cliffy B and John Carmak are psyched too, I just let Gabe have the spotlight so he’ll be in a Half-Life 3 making mood.

Epic Might Have Always-On DRM For Fortnite


Guess we know what I won’t be buying.

5 Games That Could Use An Extended Cut


A.K.A. “Games that make you go ‘that’s it!’”

Everything Gaming To See and Do at San Diego Comic-Con 2012

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It’s a huge list of Comic-Con stuff!

‘Extra Lives’ Writer to Pen Script for Gears of War: Judgment

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This should be interesting.

Epic’s Tim Sweeney: Games of the Future Will Be Freemium, Global


Sweeney speaks, you listen.

Unreal Engine 4 Preview: Light on Smoke


Game Front sat down in a darkened room with Epic’s newest toys.

China’s Tencent Buys Minority Stake In Epic Games


Obviously, everyone should panic.

Epic Games Is Hiring Most Of Big Huge Games For New Studio


And I’ve just been cutting onions. And my eyes are a little sweaty today.

Gears Of War: Judgment Announced


It’s full of blood.

Gears of War 4 is about Cole and Baird

gears of war  4 baird thumb

It’ll be called Gears of War: Judgment, and Locust will be in it.

Bulletstorm Studio Working On Gears Of War 4


Though no details about what they’ll actually be doing are available.

Gears of War 4 Might Show Up at E3 2012

gears of war 4 game informer small thumb

The next Gears of War is getting the Game Informer reveal treatment.

First Screens From Unreal Engine 4 Demo Emerge


And they’re kind of staggering.

Cliffy B’s Advice To Japan: More Multiplayer


For once, I’m inclined to agree with this advice.

Beaver Claims ‘Worst Writing in Games’ Quote ‘Out of Context’

dead space 2 thumb

Yeah, sure it was.

Dead Space Story Producer: Gears of War Has ‘Worst Writing in Games’

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He also admits that Dead Space’s story was kind of a mess, too.

Fortnite, Formerly PC, Now Listed As TBD Platform


Our reaction to this news is also TBD.

Cliffy B Originally Wanted Gears to Be More Like “Band of Brothers”


That didn’t work out so hot, did it?

GDC 2012: Cliffy B Says New Devs Should Create Games For PC


And he’s right!

GDC 2012: Cliffy B Loves Musicals, Learned Marketing From a Pimp in “Miss Saigon”


He love you long time!

Epic Games to Show Off Unreal Engine 4 at Game Developers Conference

unreal engine 3 thumb

A few lucky people (developers) are getting a preview of the next version of the Unreal Engine at GDC 2012.

Gears of War 3: Fenix Rising Map Pack Review

fenix rising fenix thumb

Five maps for $10 is a worthy download if you’re deep into Gears of War 3′s multiplayer, although you shouldn’t have been made to pay for some aspects.

Gaming Community Joins SOPA Protests With Jan. 18 Blackouts

sopa thumb

The list of SOPA protesters grows longer. Do your part Jan. 18.

Why Don’t More Game Companies Oppose SOPA?


No amount of revenue lost to piracy can justify supporting such heinous legislation.

Al Gore Opposes SOPA, Everybody

al gore thumb

If there’s one guy who knows about the Internet….

Microsoft Reportedly Banning Avatar Guns from Xbox Live

xbox live thumb

I think they don’t want kids playing Kinectimals with Avatars that could chainsaw each other in half.

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