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Epic Mickey Walkthrough

epic mickey screen

Be Epic Mickey, not Dead Mickey

Epic Mickey Q&A with Junction Point’s Paul Weaver


Enlightening chatter inside.

Disney Epic Mickey is an Homage to Walt’s Creations, Spirit

spector at small world

Disney Epic Mickey creator Warren Spector is a huge Disney fan, and it shows in the dedication and care Junction Point Studios is putting into the game’s cartoon inspiration.

Warren Spector Explains Disneyland’s Influence on Disney Epic Mickey (VIDEOS)


We’ve got a few videos from a walking tour through Disneyland with Disney Epic Mickey’s creator, Warren Spector.

We’ve Seen the Ending of Disney Epic Mickey!

mean street story

Want to read a spoiler-filled post about Epic Mickey’s story? Here’s one — although we won’t ruin the ending for you.

New Disney Epic Mickey Zone: Mickeyjunk Mountain


We’ve heard about Epic Mickey’s bizarro-world takes on Disneyland attractions like Tomorrow City and Lonesome Manor. Here’s a new one.

Hands-On with Disney Epic Mickey

jungle fight

We spent a bunch of time with several portions of Epic Mickey at Disneyland last week. And yes, the game is as cool as it seems.

Lots of New Screens from Disney Epic Mickey (GALLERY)


We’ve got a ton of new screens from Epic Mickey, straight from Disneyland. Check out Tomorrow City and Lonesome Manor.

PAX 2010: Epic Mickey Screens Show Off Locations


Check out some of the locations you’ll be journeying through in these screens from Epic Mickey.

PAX 2010: Warren Spector Keynote (Video)


The creator of the Deus Ex and Thief series’ delivers a riveting keynote about the history of geeks, and why video games are most definitely art. We shot video of the whole forty-five minute keynote.

Epic Mickey Opening Movie Completed at PAX

Epic Mickey

Check out the complete opening cinematic from Epic Mickey, shown at PAX.

Epic Controllers for Epic Mickey


While most gamers are probably gravitating toward the sleek neon piping of the previously revealed Tron branded controllers as Phil…

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