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Sony Unveils SOE All-Access Subscription Model


SOE will use an all-in-one subscription model for all of its MMO titles. Are you still playing Everquest or Everquest…

Sony Online Shuttering Four Games, Adding All-In-One Sub


Sony Online Entertainment announced today that it will be dropping four of of its MMOs in the next six months,…

EverQuest 2, RIFT, and More MMO Update Madness This Week

RIFT: Storm Legion

Is this Sparta? No, this is MMO madness!

EverQuest II Gets ‘Amazing Growth’ After Going F2P

everquest II thumb

Sony’s MMO has seen a 40-percent boost in daily log-ins since it became free.

MMO Round-Up: How the Big Names Are Competing with TOR’s Launch


You’ll never guess what WoW is doing.

Everquest II Freeport Revamp Preview (VIDEO)


IT looks pretty dirty now.

“Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor” Shows Value of Modesty


Seriously, thongs don’t protect against anything except chastity.

EverQuest II The War of Zek Game Update Now Available


It’s the 61st update. That’s not a typo. 61.

MMO Roundup 8/25/2011 — New Secret World Trailer, Global Agenda’s Largest Expansion Coming in Early Fall, RIFT’s Half-Birthday Celebration is Underway, and More


See what’s new in the world of MMOs this week.

See This EverQuest 2 – The War of Zek Trailer


Apparently World of Warcraft isn’t all powerful after all.

EverQuest 2 Kelethin City Festival


Join the festivities in Kelethin.

MMO Roundup 7/28/2011 — BlizzCon Contests, LOTRO: Rise of Isengard Beta, New Old Republic Trailer, and More


See what’s new in the world of MMOs this week.

EverQuest 2: Tinkerfest 2011


The gnomish celebration.

MMO Roundup 7/14/2011 — WoW Real ID Party Feature, LOTRO Concept Art, Rift Marriage Proposal, and More


See what’s new in the world of MMOs this week.

MMO Roundup 7/8/2011 — WoW Hotfixes, PlanetSide 2 Revealed, The Secret World Trailers, and More


See what’s new in the world of MMOs this week.

SOE Drops All Access Pass to $19.99


That’s a lot of gaming for twenty bucks a month.

SOE Reports 12,700 Credit Card Numbers, 24.6 Million Accounts Compromised


More bad news from Sony.

60th EverQuest II Update — The Children of War


Sony Online Entertainment announces a landmark update and welcomes back former EverQuest II players.

EverQuest II Dragon Development Video


Watch a time-lapse video of the creation of a 3D model, complete with artist commentary.

EverQuest II–Interview With Senior Producer Dave Georgeson


World of Warcraft? Psh. EverQuest was addicting gamers while Warcraft was still a strategy game.

Earn EverQuest II Rewards in New Facebook Game

everquest2 thumb

Social gaming comes to Everquest II, which lets you buy and sell heroes to do text-based stuff on Facebook.

Everquest II Adding Free-to-Play Option


Sony Online Entertainment has announce a new option for players of Everquest II – free-to-play.

Comment Contest: Win an Everquest 2 Prowler Mount

We’ve had a few comment contests in recent weeks, and now it’s time for another one. Sony Online Entertainment has…

Sony Brews Halloween Events for MMOs

Sony Online Entertainment has tricks and treats for everyone as it celebrates Halloween on all its MMOs and the Legends…

SOE Offers Community Address Details Fan Faire 2008

Sony Online Entertainment is spilling more details on Fan Faire 2008. For the second year running, SOE president John Smedley…

Vivox Station Voice Coming to SOE MMOs

Sony has announced that starting next month Star Wars Galaxies and EverQuest II players will have access to Vivox’s Station…

SOE Fan Faire Attendees List Now Available

SOE has released the Attendees List for Fan Faire 2008. The event will take place in Las Vegas August 14th…

SOE’s Smedley on Success in the MMO Market

John Smedley, president of Sony Online Entertainment, is the next big name in the games industry to be interviewed as…

G4′s MMO Report Examines MMO’s on Network TV

For those of you who haven’t seen G4 TV’s MMO Report before, prepare yourselves. The MMO Report is a little…