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Looks Like Fable Maker Lionhead Studios is Planning Something for GDC 2012

lionhead studio countdown thumb

Wonder what we could be about to see.

The Video Game Gods Might Be Resurrecting Populous


There’s other news associated with this, but the return of one of the greatest sims of all time is all I care about.

Steam Holiday Sale Starts Today



Microsoft Offering Up a Pair of Xbox 360 Bundles for the Holidays

xbox bundles

And they don’t cost extra, so…

Fable III Is On Mega Sale on Steam Right Now


Oh boy you want this.

Peter Molyneux Announces Fable: The Journey for Kinect


Peter Molyneux announced at the Microsoft E3 presser an all-new Fable title supported by Kinect called Fable: The Journey. They…

Comment Of The Week: Are Used Game Sales Worse Than Poverty?


Find out how one of our readers reacted to the idea that piracy is less offensive than used game sales.

Buying a A Game Used Is More Harmful Than Pirating a Game, Says Lionhead Employee


I can see the logic, I guess.

What’s the Difference Between the 360 and PC Versions of Fable III? (Dev Diary)


There’s a reason it took so long to bring it to the PC, they say.

Fable 3 PC Available on Steam and Games for Windows Marketplace at Launch


The long-awaited PC version can be pre-ordered on Steam and GfW Market today.

Fable III PC System Requirements


Oh, yeah, this is coming soon.

Peter Molyneux Has Just Been Messing With Us All Along


Why, I oughtta….

Win a Fable III “Traitor’s Keep” 360 DLC Code


The new Fable 3 DLC is out now, and we’re giving away codes to get it for free!

Fable 3 Traitor’s Keep DLC Review


Take a trip to Albion’s own Guantanamo Bay.

Fable 3 “Traitor’s Keep” DLC, PC Release Date Announced


This ain’t Aesop, buddy.

Angry Birds Coming to Windows Phone 7

windows thumb

Along with a bunch of other games, and Fable Coin Golf due next month.

(LIST) 10 Game-ified ‘Chick’ Flicks


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here’s 10 awesome ways Hollywood can trick people into leaving their consoles at home.

Peter Molyneux On Tap for a Lifetime Achievement Award


He seems a little young for on of these, but, well, we don’t really have a lot of old people working in this industry.

Microsoft to Apple: You Can’t Trademark ‘App Store’

app store thumb

Microsoft has filed a motion to attempt to stop an Apple trademark, mostly because it wants people to remember that yes, Windows Phone 7 has apps, too.

Fable Coin Golf Coming to Windows Phone 7

windows thumb

Windows announces a Fable crossover pub game that lets you earn gold for the real deal on Xbox 360.

Buy a Windows Phone 7, Get an Xbox 360 Game

windows thumb

Although there are only four games available, and half of them are Kinect games. And the other two are Fable III and Halo: Reach.

Microsoft to Target Windows 8 on PC Gaming


Apparently Microsoft’s next operating system will be designed specifically for gaming. Haven’t we heard that somewhere before?

Fable 3 Aurora Flowers


Get more flowers than FTD.

Fable 3 Rare Books


Don’t let any of these treasured tomes escape your notice!

Fable 3 Keys


Track down all those meddlesome keys.

Fable 3 Garden Gnomes


Gnome sweet gnome.

Walkthrough Weekend: Infinity Blade, Tron: Evolution, Epic Mickey and More!


Rule your weekend with this stocking-stuffing assortment of walkthroughs and collectibles.

Fable 3 DLC Going to the Dogs, But Has a Free Hat


If you need a different breed of pooch to follow you around in Fable 3 (or a free hat), Microsoft has you covered.

Walkthrough Weekend: Tron: Evolution, Epic Mickey, and More!


All the cheats and hints you’ll need to pwn the weekend.

GameFront 2010: The Hardest F**king Games


These are the games that made us make funny faces this year.

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