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Walkthrough Weekend: Epic Mickey, Splatterhouse, Donkey Kong Country Returns, and More!


Dominate the weekend with the help of the cheats, unlockables, and tips!

Fable 3 Understone Quest Pack Now Available, Title Update Coming Soon


Fable 3′s first DLC is now live, and there’s word of the first title update as well.

Fable III Understone Quest Pack Review


Let’s find out how far $5 will take you.

Walkthrough Weekend: Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Call of Duty: Black Ops, and More!


A veritable arsenal of insider information. Unleash a fusillade of gaming success!

Fable III PC Version Still Coming

fable III (11)

I mean the one that runs on personal computers and not the politically correct version.

Target Black Friday Ad (Fable III for $35)


Lots of gift cards here.

First Fable 3 DLC Dated


Microsoft has detailed a ton of new DLC coming to Fable 3 next week.

Walkthrough Weekend: Call of Duty: Black Ops, God of War: Ghost of Sparta, James Bond 007: Blood Stone, The Force Unleashed II, Fable III, Fallout: New Vegas


Destroy all comers with the help of this information!

Walkthrough Weekend: God of War: Ghost of Sparta, James Bond 007: Blood Stone, The Force Unleashed 2, Fable III, Fallout: New Vegas


All the insider information you’ll need to dominate the weekend!

Walkthrough Weekend: Fable 3, Fallout: NV, Force Unleashed 2, Vanquish


A weekly roundup of all the best gaming tips, cheats and unlocks heading into the weekend.

Fable III Review


This game is like cotton candy.

Fable 3 Avatar Awards


Better than paper dolls.

Fable 3 Walkthrough


Be the tortoise in your Fable, not the hare.

Fable 3 Cheats


Rule Albion with an iron fist, or a lace glove. Or a catcher’s mitt.

Fable 3 PC Releasing March 1, says Amazon Germany


Amazon Germany has listed Fable 3 for a March 1, 2011 release date. That’s awfully far away for PC gamers.

Fable II is Free on Xbox Live, Probably By Accident UPDATED (AGAIN)


Or maybe it’s just good marketing for Fable III.

Peter Molyneux Answers Your Questions (Video)


Here’s the long-awaited video interview with Peter Molyneux that features the Fable 3 developer answering question posed by you, the readers.

Earn Fable 3 Gold on Your Phone With Kingmaker


Lionhead Studios is rolling out another pre-launch game that lets you earn in-game gold for the upcoming Fable title. Come on in for more info.

Fable 3 Achievements


Rule the land in Fable III, grabbing these achievements along the way. 50 Achievements, 1000 Points.

Fable 3: Video Interview with Peter Molyneux


Peter Molyneux himself gives us a tour of Fable 3: becoming a king, the new magic system, and more.

Fable 3 Preview


We got our hands on Fable 3 for the first time since E3, and this time we had the man behind the universe, Peter Molyneux, to show us around Albion.

What Should We Ask Peter Molyneux?


Tell us what questions you’d like to have Peter Molyneux answer, and we’ll ask him tomorrow.

New Fable III Screens Show Off Combat and Leveling


Five new Fable III screens show off combat and leveling in Lionhead’s upcoming action RPG.

Peter Molyneux Doesn’t Like Something


That something is pre-order bonuses.

Fable III Intro Trailer Features Poultry


The intro cinematic for Fable III is here, and it stars that most unlikely of heroes: the noble chicken.

Fable III Lets You Make Your Own Villager


Microsoft has released a brand new tool that lets you create a villager for Fable III, and import them into the game if you pre-order.

PC Version of Fable III Delayed


In a statement yesterday, Microsoft announced it has pushed the release of Fable III for the PC to an unannounced date.

Comic-Con Fable 3 Screenshots Released.


Just in time for Comic-Con 2010, we get a closer look at the Steam Punk, quasi Victorian setting of Fable III with 4 new screenshots. At long last, a game with retro-stylishness without the words Final or Fantasy in the title.

Fable III Will Contain 460,000 Spoken Words

Not 460,000 different words, I would assume, although there are enough words in the English language for that to be…

Fable III to Get Episodic Release After Retail Launch

Peter Molyneux is one of those people who you can count on to do things a little differently than everyone…

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