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TAGGED RESULTS Forced To Remove Fallout 1, 2, & Tactics (UPDATED)


UPDATE (9:30 AM PST 1/3/14): These titles were also removed from Steam on Jan. 1. However, Bethesda confirmed on Twitter… Winter Sale is On, is Flippin’ Amazing (Free Fallouts!)


There’s been plenty of talk about the Fallout franchise of late, what with TheSurvivor2299 pulling off the greatest hoax in…

Black Isle Seeks Crowdfunding to Hire Staff, Then More to Develop Game


Sounds sketchy.

Pay Want You Want for Interplay Games on GOG for the Next 12 Days


Don’t have the old Fallout games? Get them.

Obsidian’s Avellone on Black Isle Revival: “I Have No Idea”


He is curious, however.

Silent Protagonists: Why Games Like Skyrim Would Be Better without Them


Is it time we move beyond silent protagonists, or is silence golden?

Yep, Bethesda and Interplay Have Settled. Apparently.


But we don’t know the terms yet.

Have Bethesda and Interplay Nearly Settled Their Legal Fight?


Documents posted to the Fallout Wiki suggest possibly!

GOG Sale Kicks Off With $5 Baldur’s Gate, Free Empire Earth

witcher 2 triss thumb

That’s a whole lot of sub-$5 games.

Exploring Morality in Games

Chris Avellone is one of the founders of Obsidian and a game designer whose credits include Fallout 2, KOTOR II…

Fallout 2 Patches Available

Fallout 2 is a classic RPG that is still popular and played today. Modders continue to work on the game…

Learning to Love Fallout All Over Again

Chris Buecheler of Crispy Gamer shares his journey of reconciling loving the old familiar Fallout and still looking forward to…

Fallout 2 Restoration Project v. 1.1 Available

A new US/UK Fallout 2 Restoration Project version 1.1 is available for download on the No Mutants Allowed Forum. This…

Fallout 2 Restoration Project

There’s a lot of excitement over at the No Mutants Allowed forums. Kilap has finally announced the completion of the…

Unofficial Fallout 2 Patch – Final Version

Killap has released his final version of the unofficial Fallout 2 patch. The patch contains Timeslip’s incredible engine tweaks. This…

NMA Presents Mr. Handy & L. Boyarsky Concept Arts

As part of a celebration to the 10th anniversary of Fallout, No Mutants Allowed is digging into the Fallout treasure…

NMA Counts Down to Fallout’s 10th Anniversary

No Mutants Allowed is gearing up to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Fallout. Fans of the series can expect some…

Fallout Fans Recruiting for Development of “True” Fallout Sequel

A group of die hard Fallout fans from the No Mutants Allowed Forum having decided they are disappointed with Bethesda’s…

Fallout 1 & 2 Engine Tweaks

No Mutants Allowed is one of the most respected and outspoken forums on the web. They are a group gamers…