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Fallout 3 Beaten In Under 24 Minutes

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UPDATE 6! Mystery Site Suggests Fallout 4 Reveal Imminent (HOAX)


UPDATE 6: Last night, Bethesda VP Pete Hines and the folks over at Bethblog finally confirmed what we’ve long suspected…

Steam Halloween Sale Confirmed, Runs Through Nov 1


Up to 80% off over 150 titles!

Bethesda Lowers Game Prices Across the Board


Bethesda has lowered the prices of all its games.

Dear Game Developers: Side-Quests Are Distracting, Stop It


Rare is the game in which the player character doesn’t always have a pressing matter to attend to. Whether it’s…

How to Make Monopoly Fun? Fallout-Monopoly


You could set the world on fire with this Fallout monopoly game.

Fallout 3, Dishonored, Morrowind Soundtracks Now on iTunes

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New (old) soundtracks!

The Video Game Guide To Surviving Black Friday


Level up and claim your discounts, warriors.

Fallout: Lanius Fan Film – Meet the Team (VID)


Starring a strong man and an Australia’s Next Top Model contestant.

Rumor: Fallout 4 Set In Boston


If true, this is basically perfect.

ZO. M. G. Gasp At These Improved Fallout 3 Graphics


Seriously amazing work.

10 Awesome Mods for Your Steam Sale Games


Check out these great mods for games you may have bought last week.

Post-Apoc Nuclear PC Case (VIDEO)


Perfect for playing Fallout.

Why Changing Mass Effect’s Ending Won’t Compromise Art


Like the ending or hate it, BioWare’s decision to change it doesn’t compromise art, it strengthens it.

Bethesda Helpfully Destroys Your Spare Time With The Oblivion/Fallout 3 Combo Pack


You can now get both classic games as a set, at a very reasonable price.

Bethesda Settles With Interplay, Retains Rights to Fallout MMO

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In the settlement, Bethesda is paying Interplay $2 million and keeping all Fallout rights.

Yep, Bethesda and Interplay Have Settled. Apparently.


But we don’t know the terms yet.

Have Bethesda and Interplay Nearly Settled Their Legal Fight?


Documents posted to the Fallout Wiki suggest possibly!

The X-Men Game We Wish Someone Would Make


Because we’re tired of the series’ mutant power being ‘lameness’.

Big Bethesda DLC Sale on Xbox Live Right Now

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Catch up on years-old expansions to years-old games.

Bethesda’s Restraining Order Denied Against Fallout MMO Co-Developer

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The judge doesn’t seem too impressed with Bethesda’s arguments.

10 LOST Video Game Easter Eggs (VIDEO)


These Easter eggs are far less confusing than the TV show.

Fallout 3 Mod — Silent Frontline


Shhh. Silent.

5 Video Game Characters With The Biggest Daddy Issues


In real life, people hire therapists. In video games, they go on non stop killing sprees!

Xbox Live Puts Really Old Bethesda DLC on Sale for Deal of the Week

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Fallout 3 and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, in case you haven’t been an RPG fan during the past five years.

May 21st PSA: 5 Video Games To Help You Survive The End Of The World


Read this NOW if you want to have any chance of making it through May 21 in one piece!

You Can Send All Your PS3 Saved Games to the Cloud Tomorrow


If you’re a Playstation Plus member, at least.

(LIST) 10 Game-ified ‘Chick’ Flicks


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here’s 10 awesome ways Hollywood can trick people into leaving their consoles at home.

Bethesda: We Own Fallout MMO

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Also, “You kids get off my lawn!” and “Mine! Mine! Mine!”

Morrowind 2011 Mod Brings Major Graphical Update


And it’s really, really big. Go

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