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Bethesda Settles With Interplay, Retains Rights to Fallout MMO

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In the settlement, Bethesda is paying Interplay $2 million and keeping all Fallout rights.

Yep, Bethesda and Interplay Have Settled. Apparently.


But we don’t know the terms yet.

Have Bethesda and Interplay Nearly Settled Their Legal Fight?


Documents posted to the Fallout Wiki suggest possibly!

Bethesda’s Restraining Order Denied Against Fallout MMO Co-Developer

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The judge doesn’t seem too impressed with Bethesda’s arguments.

Fallout MMO in Trouble as Interplay Struggles


Financial concerns could bankrupt the company.

Bethesda: We Own Fallout MMO

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Also, “You kids get off my lawn!” and “Mine! Mine! Mine!”

Bethesda to Interplay: Hands Off Our Fallout IP


They want to make it really, really difficult for Interplay to use anything from Bethesda’s Fallout Games in the upcoming MMO Fallout Online. Oops.

Fallout Online to Launch in 2012


Interplay confirms a 2012 launch window for Fallout Online, as well as the pre-release beta.

Fallout MMO Propaganda Is Strange


A new piece of Fallout Online propaganda has rolled out, and we’re still trying to figure out just exactly what the ‘Church of Harold’ is.

Interplay Officially Planning Fallout MMO

Interplay is back in the black and ready to launch into the development business. The company’s  plans include sequels to…

Jason Anderson Talks “Un-named” Interplay MMO

Jason D. Anderson talked with GameBanshee on Fallout Online Interplay’s unnamed MMOG. Anderson, a Fallout and Troika veteran, is serving…

Interplay Developing MMO with Fallout Veteran

Interplay has released financial figures for its Q3 earnings which are moderate, with the sale of the Fallout IP to…

Interplay Still Doing Fallout Online

Interplay is working out its debt load and ready to take on the Fallout Online project. Although Interplay sold the…