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Why Facebook Games Fail: A Lack of Fun

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The trouble with Facebook games is that they’re designed to trick you into spending money, not to deliver fun.

Zynga Stock Falling After $1 Billion Initial Public Offering

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It’s all over the place, I guess. Hope you didn’t buy Zynga stock — analysts are not being positive on it.

Chinese Couple Sold Their Children for Video Game Money


So maybe there is a reason for me to have a kid: cold, hard cash.

Zynga Files for $1 Billion IPO

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Think of all the virtual crops you could harvest with scratch like that.

Report Says Xbox Live Will Get Free-to-Play Games Next Year

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Rumor has it, games will be free to download but include micro-transactions for in-game purchases.

Harrison Ford Will Teach You to Go Green with Facebook

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And I thought this game sounded stupid on the outside!

This Browser Game Shows You What It’s Like to Be Me


And it’s not as glamorous as you’d think.

Facebook Credits Are About To Become Mandatory Currency*


*For people who buy buy Facebook games or apps. Don’t worry, the takeover of the US Dollar isn’t scheduled until 2016.

Zynga Pursuing Cease & Desist Over Use of ‘Ville in ‘Blingville’

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Meanwhile, social game maker Blingville is trying to get a declaratory judgment against Zynga to dismiss the case and get its lawyer fees paid.

State Takes Woman’s Kids Because of ‘Online Computer Game Addiction,’ Being a Terrible Person

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This woman’s husband says she’s addicted to some kind of video game, which is why she chose not to take care of her children. No word on why he didn’t take care of them instead.

Farmville Is No Longer the Most Popular Facebook Game


Zynga still gets all your money, though.

Farmville Makes Woman Kill A Baby


This is not a joke, because it’s not funny.

Farmville Heads to The iPhone

Zynga’s wildly popular Facebook game Farmville, which boasts 72 million monthly active users, launched today for the iPhone and iPad…