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We Freak Out at SCP Containment Breach on Phil and Phil vs. Horror

phil and phil vs horror main thumb

Watch Phil and Phil play a horror game in the dark.

EA Q2 Report: Titanfall Exclusive To Microsoft, Strong Digital Sales


On the heels of the only somewhat surprising news that the Command & Conquer relaunch has been cancelled and along…

State on StarCraft: Dear’s Historic Victory in WCS Season 3


Pro StarCraft 2 player Ryan “State” Visbeck discusses Dear’s victory in the WCS Season 3 Finals.

Game Front Podcast #6 – Early Access, Aliens, and Next-Gen


It’s time once again for the Game Front podcast, and this week’s episode is the biggest yet! We’re discussing how…

FIFA 14 Review: EA’s Behemoth Retains Title


EA’s soccer superfranchise, satisfyingly updated.

The Bureau is Underrated Because of the XCOM Name

the bureau 4 thumb

The Bureau straddles two genres, but that might be okay if not for the XCOM name.

GOG: DRM-Free Soldiers and Building a Digital Distribution Service

GOG thumb

Want to win a code for a $9.99 game from Hit this link to find out how. Last month,…

How Beyond: Two Souls Fails Where Heavy Rain Succeeds

beyond two souls 1 thumb

Beyond: Two Souls has its story problems, and needs to learn the lessons of Heavy Rain.

XCOM: Enemy Within Preview — More of What Fans Want


Those who play with the devil’s toys will be brought by degrees to wield his sword.” -Buckminster Fuller

Hardware Review: Wicked Audio Reverb Headphones


Inexpensive, but not cheap.

State on StarCraft: WCS Season 3 Finals May Be All-Korean


Pro StarCraft 2 player Ryan “State” Visbeck gives his thoughts on the upcoming WCS Season 3 finals.

The Last of Us: American Dreams Spills Little About Ellie’s History

last of us american dreams 1 thumb

The four-issue comic arc is a fun read, but sheds little new light on the character of Ellie or her origins.

Heists Away! Win a Steam Copy of Payday 2


THIS CONTEST IS CLOSED.Winners will be notified by email.Thanks to all who participated! If you’ve got any sort of a…

We’ve Discovered The Very First Steam Machine Ad (GRAPHIC)


When Valve trolled the whole internet with the reveal of the Steam Machine, the smart assumption was that the company…

Game Front Podcast #5: Mass Effect 4, Watch Dogs and Reviews


It’s Monday, and thanks to a few technical difficulties, we’re just getting Episode 5 of the Game Front Podcast out…

Hardware Review: ROCCAT Ryos MK Glow Keyboard


ROCCAT’s new line of keyboards takes another step forward.

SK Telecom T1 are League of Legends Season 3 Champions!


The Season 3 championships for Riot’s League of Legends took place on Oct. 4, when Korea’s SK Telecom T1 (SKT)…

Beyond: Two Souls – The Entire Game in Chronological Order (VIDEO)

beyond two souls guitar thumb

Our Mitchell Saltzman took a ton of time and refashioned Beyond: Two Souls in chronological order for your benefit.

Cloak & Laser — Hands-on With XCOM: Enemy Within


Guys vs. Spies vs Aliens.

Eldritch Procedurally Generates a Lovecraftian Hell

eldritch horrorscope thumb

A first-person shooter with roguelike elements set in a Lovecraftian universe. Enjoy.

Dark Souls 2 Beta Impressions — Yeah, This Game Is Still Really Hard

Dark Souls 2-2

In his first look at the beta, Mitch examines the ways Dark Souls 2 is easier, and harder than its predecessors.

How The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Improves Ending Choices

the bureau storytime thumb

The Bureau’s presents players with three ending choices, like plenty of other games — but the difference is, you don’t know you’re picking the ending when you pick it.

Game Front Podcast #4: Beyond, GTA Online, and Season Passes


Happy Friday! The Game Front Podcast is back for episode #4. This week, we’re talking about the new game everyone…

Diablo 3 Barbarian Cosplay Took 8 Months to Make


Cosplay – it’s not just pretty girls in cool costumes.

Indie Gems: Race the Sun is Solar-Powered Intensity

race the sun thumb

Zip across procedurally generated worlds and try not to die in Race the Sun.

GTA Online Week 2: Finally Works, Barely Justifies Existence


Just over a week into Grand Theft Auto Online, we can at last finally play the thing. Yeah, some grueling…

Indie Gems: Dungeon of Elements Goes Deep


Transmute your way to better health.

State on StarCraft: Watch Me Compete at IEM This Weekend


Pro StarCraft 2 player Ryan “State” Visbeck is competing in the Intel Extreme Masters this weekend!

Beyond: Two Souls Preview – A Few Thoughts on the Demo


Check back Tuesday 8 AM PST for our full review of Beyond: Two Souls, by Ross Lincoln (@RossLincoln) It’s been…

State on StarCraft: Dear’s Oracle Timing in PvP


Pro StarCraft 2 player Ryan “State” Visbeck analyzes an all-in Oracle build versus Protoss.

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