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Dungeons & Dragons Online Skips Through Time with Update 7 – Half-Bloods


Upcoming content for Free to Play MMORPG features new half-blood races, time hopping and an invasion of monsters aimed at low to mid-level players.

Dead Space 2 Multiplayer Beta Impressions


In space, no one can hear you game. Does Dead Space 2 really need Multiplayer, and is it any good?

Vindictus Beta Impressions


Mabinogi Heroes makes it’s Western Premiere and we have Beta Impressions of the upcoming action game.

Halo: Reach Creative Director Marcus Lehto Answers Your Questions


Check out this video featuring Hal: Reach Creative Director Marcus Lehto answering your questions!

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Impressions


A few hours spent wandering “A long time ago” playing games.

SOE’s Matt Higby Talks Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures


The upcoming online social universe based on Star Wars The Clone Wars merges social networking with casual gaming.

Exclusive Alliance of Valiant Arms Trailer Shows New Game Mode


Check out a brand new game mode for Alliance of Valiant Arms in this exclusive trailer you can only get here at FileFront!

Wonderland Online Gift Pack Giveaway


FileFront has teamed up with to bring you a free $20 gift pack of in-game items for Wonderland Online. Details within.