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20 Scary Cosplays (PICS) (SPOOOOOOOKY)

Sander Cohen

In honor of Halloween, which has already happened. Shut up.

Get Your JRPG Fix With This Handy Flow Chart


Don’t want to sit through the latest JRPG? Get your fix by following this handy flow chart!

Europe Getting Special Crisis Core: FFVII PSP Bundle

Oh, Europe, you’re always getting the short end of the gaming stick. While the rest of the world has already…

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Headed to Europe in June

Square Enix today announced that Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII will be released across all PAL territories on June 20th…

Gaming Today Impressions of FFVII: Crisis Core

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Developer: Square Enix Publisher: Square Enix Price: $39.99 Platform: PSP Category: Action RPG ESRB Rating:…

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Seven New Trailers

Crisis Core FFVII `Battle` Trailer Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, is the highly anticipated entry in the Compilation of Final…

Pre-Order Crisis Core: FFVII, Get a Shinra UMD Case

I haven’t heard of any special freebies for pre-ordering games since Christmas, so it kind of figure the first one…

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII’s New Japanese Trailer

Crisis Core: FFVII Cinematic Japanese Trailer (WM) Here’s a new trailer for the upcoming PSP title, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy…