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Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy Coming to PC


Final Fantasy XIII and its sequels are on their way to PC. Square Enix announced the new ports of its…

Jimquisition: The Games Industry is Full of Cowards

bravely default thumb

Jim Sterling says game publishers caused their own losses by imagining that failure of popular franchises was imminent.

Retro-spective: Final Fantasy XIII’s Story Told in 16-bit


A murderous theocratic government, a floating artificial city-world, rebels, monsters… a technocratic government, time travel, limbo, more monsters… if you…

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Not Bound For PC


Don’t get your hopes up.

If The Republican Presidential Candidates Had Final Fantasy Hair (Graphic)


Behold the future of American politics.

Final Fantasy 13-2: Graviton Core Locations


Stop pulling your hair out over Graviton Cores! Check out this full list of locations.

Some Freaky Styria Cosplay From Final Fantasy XIII (PIC)


I’m seriously not aroused by this at all.

Looking Ahead: Gaming In 2012 (Q1)


Our fevered look at the games we’ll be playing in the new year.

Chocobo Racing in the Real World

chocobo racing

This doesn’t mean what you think it means.

10 Christmas-Themed Game Spinoffs


Puns abound in this list!

GameFront 2010: The Year’s Biggest Letdowns

disappointed cat

Take a peek inside for our list of the games that made us sad face the most.

Gamefront 2010: Best RPGs


We tried and tried to narrow down the field of 2010 RPGs but well.. it wasn’t that hard to see who our favorites were. Sorry Japan.

Final Fantasy XIV Free Till It’s Fixed for Subscribers


Square-Enix shares plan for effectively remaking the MMO and unveils PS3 delay.

GameFront 2010: Longest Haul Games of 2010


Some games don;t know when to quit.. here’s our list of games from 2010 that overstayed their welcome.

2010 Video Game Gift Guide


When you deliver your list of holiday demands, choose from this list.

Get Your JRPG Fix With This Handy Flow Chart


Don’t want to sit through the latest JRPG? Get your fix by following this handy flow chart!

26 Lightning Cosplayers (FFXIII) (PICS)

That bear stole her picnic basket

Bonus: a Japanese dude in blackface.

Final Fantasy XIII Headed to 360 in Japan


Because there might be a couple folks who don’t already have it on PS3. Also, it comes with extra stuff. And it’s in English.

Final Fantasy XIII Pisses Folks Off and Allegedly Bricks Their PS3s

A class action lawsuit has been filed in San Francisco by folks who assert that “playing Final Fantasy XIII caused…

Splinter Cell Wins and Final Fantasy Loses on April Sales Chart

April was not a good month for the games industry, because overall revenue was down 26% from April 2009. Consequently,…

Final Fantasy XIII International Launch Trailer

This trailer accompanies the launch of the latest iteration of the venerable Square Enix role-playing game, Final Fantasy XIII.

New Studio in Los Angeles Being Opened by Square Enix

One of Square Enix’s current goals is to broaden its horizons and expand its international portfolio, with one specific mark…

Final Fantasy XIII Demo Will Be Over Two Hours Long

There have been many game demos before that people spent hours on (God only knows how many times I played…

E3 2008: Final Fantasy XIII Trailer (Japanese)

Final Fantasy XIII E3 2008 Japanese Trailer Here is the trailer that was shown at E3 yesterday when Square Enix…

Square Enix Shares Rise Thanks to FFXIII Heading to the Xbox 360

Bloomberg is reporting that Square Enix’s shares have gained a 3.2% jump to 3190 JPY ($30.46) after yesterday’s announcement that…

E3 2008: Square Enix Final Fantasy XIII Q & A – 360 Will Delay US PS3 Launch

Immediately after the Microsoft event, Square Enix decided it was a good time to directly address the press about the…

E3 2008: Microsoft’s Press Conference – Jonathan’s Take

Microsoft kicked off E3 with a press conference not unlike a firecracker that has been dipped in water: it starts…

Stunning Scans for FF XIII and FFV XIII

Lovely scans of FFXIII are showing up on the net thanks to a user calling herself “BlankChocobo”. The scans in…

Square Enix Did Not Promise Final Fantasy XIII in 2008

Erroneous reports have been spread all over the Internet claiming that a Japanese magazine was reporting that Square Enix had…

Final Fantasy XIII Scans From Shonen Jump

Square Enix have not seemed too keen on sending out too many screens for their Final Fantasy XIII and Final…

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