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Final Fantasy XIV Adding Same-Sex Marriage


Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy XIV will be receiving new content in the near future, including same sex…

New Servers Now Open in Final Fantasy XIV


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is back online this morning after last night’s maintenance, and with it comes three…

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Benchmark Tool Now Available


Test how well the game runs on your rig with the benchmark tool.

Square Releases FFXIV Realm Reborn Opening Cinematic, Beta Signups


Roughly one third of the cinematic contains previously unseen video.

New Final Fantasy XIV Video Showcases Questing & Combat


Something worth watching, or more MMO muck?

New FFXIV Director: Failure Risks ‘Destroying’ Square Enix

final fantasy xiv thumb

Big talk. And he might be right.

New FFXIV Director Explains What Went Wrong With Original


Wants FFXIV to be WoW in the FF universe, basically.

FFXIV A Realm Reborn Trailer Reveals Male Miquote and New Limit Breaks


Want to play the male Miquote? They’re looking for testers.

Rumor: Square Enix Destroying Remaining Final Fantasy XIV Inventory

final fantasy xiv thumb

Ahead of a new version, perhaps?

Watch The Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Trailer



Square Enix Announces Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn


Prepare for rainbow warrior sandwich turtle something!

Final Fantasy XIV Suspending Non-Subscribed Accounts Tomorrow


Freeloaders are being given the boot.

It’ll Start Costing Money To Play Final Fantasy XIV in January


So you’d better get to playing while it’s free.

Final Fantasy XIV Is Still Coming To PS3 Someday


But not soon.

Square Enix: Final Fantasy XIV has “Greatly Damaged” the FF Brand


What? I don’t believe it!

Get Final Fantasy: The Complete Collection For a Mere $15,000


It’ll be worth every penny, too.

Final Fantasies XI and XIV Coming Back Online This Weekend


And Squeenix is making a big sacrifice to make it happen.

Square Shuts Down FFXI and FFXIV Servers To Conserve Power


Services are expected to be down at least a week.

GameFront 2010: The Year’s Biggest Letdowns

disappointed cat

Take a peek inside for our list of the games that made us sad face the most.

Get Your JRPG Fix With This Handy Flow Chart


Don’t want to sit through the latest JRPG? Get your fix by following this handy flow chart!

Square-Enix Extends Final Fantasy XIV Free Trial Time


Company admits that the game is not making people or critics happy and extends sign up free period for those who want to torture themselves longer.

Square-Enix Requests 3-4 Weeks Time on Final Fantasy XIV Reviews


Newly launched MMO needs time to develop. Publisher politely requests reviewers give the game a chance to build.

Final Fantasy XIV Review


Square-Enix’s new Final Fantasy game is pretty, but is it worth playing? Well, maybe not.

Final Fantasy XIV Japanese Collector’s Edition Comes With Cup Only Suitable For Taking Shots

drinking cup

This begs the question: would you really need to use it for anything other than liquor while playing Final Fantasy XIV?

Official Final Fantasy XIV PC Controller Released Next Week


Sunflex’s Final Fantasy branded PC gamepad available in Europe On September 30th.

360 Gamers Officially Shut Out of FFXIV

It seems that Square Enix and Microsoft could never solve the issues that would need to be solved to allow…

Developing Final Fantasy XIV for PS3 Is Tough, Pushes Back Release

“Technical problems” are holding up the release of Final Fantasy XIV for Playstation 3, according to producer Hiromichi Tanaka. The…

Final Fantasy XIV E3 2010 Hands-On Impressions

Final Fantasy XIV was first announced at least year’s E3, before Final Fantasy XIII had even come out. It was…

Just to Reiterate: FFXIV Not Coming to 360, or Maybe It Is

Yeah, we already knew this, and it’s unlikely it would go from being PC and PS3 only to adding the…

Think You Can Run Final Fantasy XIV? Well Prove it with this Benchmark Tool

Square-Enix wants you to feel good about your chances of playing their upcoming Final Fantasy XIV MMORPG, so good in…