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Focus Home Interactive’s Humble Bundle Has Up To 12 Games

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I love developer Humble Bundle sales. For starters, they raise millions of dollars for charity, which is fantastic (your thoughts…

Magrunner Review: Forget GlaDOS, Be Afraid of Cthulhu

magrunner 1 thumb

Throw Cthulhu into a game that’s not unlike Portal, and you have a puzzler that’s clever, as well as spooky.

Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition Review

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A blast from 1991, Another World is a bit of gaming history and a beautiful, difficult, fascinating game besides — just expect it to be hard to play, too.

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes Review: The (5)7% Solution


Frogware’s latest detective puzzler is a mixed bag.

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes Preview: A Study in Fun


This game’s afoot.

A Game of Thrones – Genesis: Official Trailer


Will this game become moon of your life?

Rotastic – Launch Trailer


This game will probably cause you to lose hours.