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Assassin’s Creed: Unity Is Locked At 900p/30fps

asssasin's creed unity

Assassin’s Creed: Unity was introduced as a game that would take advantage of next-gen technology, focusing specifically on the PlayStation…

Indie Gems: Paranautical Activity Blows Apart Demons


Paranautical Activity pits you against oodles of demons in a maze of cubic rooms. Blast away!

Indie Gems: Rise Of The Triad Gibs Gloriously


Rise of the Triad aims for greatness, and splash damage gibs it to pieces.

Doom 4: id Software’s Last Shot?


On the eve of QuakeCon 2013, I’m white-knuckle-gripping my defibrillator paddles, hoping to shock some life into one of the…

Firefall Beta Impressions: Soaring Above Expectations


Firefall makes a genuine effort to be a fantastic open-world game, and succeeds.

Double E3 Preview: Deadfall Adventures, The Raven


In a quiet booth away from the most popular E3 venues, Nordic Games showed off two unassuming, but fun, games.

Dust 514 E3 Report: Improving On Imperfection


Dust 514 launched to lukewarm reception. Will CCP’s plans pull it from the doldrums?

Call of Duty Ghosts DLC Launching “Exclusively First” on Xbox One

cod ghosts thumb

Call of Duty: Ghosts to have initial DLC exclusivity for Xbox One. Nobody surprised.

10 Fantastic Indie FPS Games


First-person shooters aren’t solely the realm of the big companies. The little guys make some pretty great games too.

Mechwarrior Online Beta Impressions: The Slow March Forward


Mechwarrior Online captures the core experience of Battletech, but lacks good balance and long-term meaning.

6 Great Free-to-Play FPS Games For The Discerning Player


The free-to-play FPS genre is exploding in size. Thankfully, we’ve got the details on all the really great titles.

Planetside 2 Releases Update 6, Adds Service Ribbons


Planetside 2 brings out the fancy ribbons and dynamic objectives for the latest patch.

Dust 514 Holding “Human Endurance” Event


Play a ton of Dust 514 and get some gear. Who would’ve thought?

APB: Vendetta Lands on Kickstarter


Dive, slide, and tumble around in a new APB spin-off

Planetary Conquest Comes to Dust 514 May 6th


Dust 514 will finally begin to seriously impact EVE Online come May 6th.

Firefall Introduces Sweeping Changes in Latest Patch


Firefall reinvents itself yet again.

Planetside 2 Releases Game Update 4, Adds VR Room


Soldiers on Auraxis can now “try before they buy.”

Payday 2 Is Coming For Your Loot


Overkill Software returns to their cult-hit for more crime-heavy action.

Natural Selection 2 Gets Gorgeous, Goes On Sale


Slimy alien goop never looked this lovely.

ShootMania Open Beta is Ready to Blast Away


ShootMania has lots of shooting, but not that much mania.

Mechwarrior Online Pretties Itself Up in Latest Patch


Now all I need is a tut for my bipedal death machine.

Planetside 2 Releases Second Major Patch


Shoring up the defenses and taking criticism to heart.

Blacklight: Retribution Changes Gun Handling, Stats System


I just have to know how many shots I miss.

Hawken Doesn’t Fear the Reaper (Mech)


Snipers are always associated with death, even in the world of mechs.

EVE Online and Dust 514 Servers Merging


EVE players can finally toy with Dust players like they are ants

War Z Attacked by Hackers Multiple Times


Poor War Z. It never had a chance.

8 Great Free-To-Play Games to Start Your F2P Journey


Or, as my friend said, “I 8nt paying a cent.”

Planetside 2 Gives the Gift of XP and Money


Those looking to get into Planetside 2 might consider doing so during the holidays.

Mechwarrior Online Brings a Very Merry ‘Mech-Mas


Mechwarrior Online has released its last patch of 2012, and it’s a large one.

Planetside 2 Review: The Most War-Torn Planet On Earth


Fighting hundreds of guys in endless conflict can be a little frustrating.

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