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MMO Shooter Firefall Launches After Troubled Development

firefall release 2 thumb

After years of turmoil, Firefall has finally released to Steam. Read back on the game’s history and its lengthy, troubled development.

Couple Sells Children to Fund Father’s Online Gaming

A Hui

A Chinese couple has been arrested for selling their children to fund their gaming. The couple, named A Hui and…

Nosgoth Hands-On Preview: Tearing Out the Throats of Your Enemies

nosgoth 1 thumb

We got handsy with Nosgoth at PAX East 2014, and found the game carefully balances its asymmetrical multiplayer to make for a fun, intense free-to-play deathmatch experience.

Valve’s Documentary, Free to Play: The Movie, Now Live


What’s it really like to be a professional gamer? That’s the question Valve poses in its new feature-length documentary about…

Tom Clancy’s EndWar Online Alpha Testing Begins Thursday


The EndWar was not the end. Tom Clancy’s real time strategy/tactical war game is getting the free-to-play treatment, and we’ll…

World of Speed is a F2P Racer Coming in 2014


Slightly Mad Studios (Need for Speed: Shift) is expected to launch crowdfunded racer Project CARS late this year. The developer…

Hands-on with EverQuest Next Landmark


The future of MMOs is glorious once again. No, really. Winter Sale is On, is Flippin’ Amazing (Free Fallouts!)


There’s been plenty of talk about the Fallout franchise of late, what with TheSurvivor2299 pulling off the greatest hoax in…

Kabam Buys Naming Rights to Cal-Berkeley’s Football Field


The University of California, Berkeley — long thought of by my family in Alabama as a bastion of anti-capitalist hippie…

Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf — CCG, Tactical RPG Coming Next Year


Space Hulk: Deathwing isn’t the only new Warhammer 40,000 videogame coming in 2014. Games Workshop just announced that Warhammer 40,000:…

Smite Gets Official Launch Date, $100,000 Tournament


It’s been in open beta for nearly a year, and it really wasn’t all that difficult to get in on…

Quake Live Will Be A Standalone Game By Year’s End

Quake Live Logo 140x

Quake Live will plucked from the browser and thrust into a downloadable, standalone game by the end of 2013, according…

Lock and Load: Crytek’s Warface Now Live


Show me your war face. Ha! That’s it? Are you sure that’s not your constipated face? While you work on…

Lord of the Rings Online’s Helm’s Deep Expansion Sneak Peek


One of the definitive battles of the trilogy is teased by Turbine.

Dust 514 E3 Report: Improving On Imperfection


Dust 514 launched to lukewarm reception. Will CCP’s plans pull it from the doldrums?

Mechwarrior Online Beta Impressions: The Slow March Forward


Mechwarrior Online captures the core experience of Battletech, but lacks good balance and long-term meaning.

6 Great Free-to-Play FPS Games For The Discerning Player


The free-to-play FPS genre is exploding in size. Thankfully, we’ve got the details on all the really great titles.

How F2P ‘Founder’s Packs’ Offer Great Deals at Great Risk


Founder’s packs give great deals, but you may end up with less than you think

Download the Neverwinter Client at Game Front


Get ready for the last closed beta weekend as well as the April 30th open beta with this client download.

Dust 514 Holding “Human Endurance” Event


Play a ton of Dust 514 and get some gear. Who would’ve thought?

Creative Assembly Announces Free-to-Play Title Total War: Arena

total war arena thumb

Ten-on-ten multiplayer action is coming your way for free.

SMITE Makes Some Music With Apollo


Apollo graces us all with his music and swag.

Planetary Conquest Comes to Dust 514 May 6th


Dust 514 will finally begin to seriously impact EVE Online come May 6th.

LotRO Twitter Dev Chat Reveals Update 11 & Expansion Details


Hints to what’s next in LotRO.

Star Wars The Old Republic’s Hickman Talks of Post-F2P Server Health


Has going free-to-play made a difference?

Star Trek Online Announces Legacy of Romulus Expansion


Tasha Yar is back! As Romulan Empress Sela. You gotta take what you can get, right?

Get Your Neverwinter Beta Weekend 3 Keys Here


Yes, the precious keyssss are oursssss.

Neverwinter Beta Weekend 2 Impressions: Control Wizards and more


We take the pew pew pew to the 2nd Closed Beta.

How Freemium Developers Get You To Pay


Developers know how to get your financial goat.

SMITE Summons Poseidon, Releases Ultimate God Pack


Must resist temptation to reference old movies.

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