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Friday Flame Wars: Valve’s Winter Approaches


Today marks the end of a week filled with announcements from Valve. SteamOS, a new Linux-based operating system with some…

Friday Flame Wars: Xbox One Doesn’t Need Kinect, Do You Care?


Can Microsoft’s most recent concession change your mind?

Friday Flame Wars: Dragon’s Crown Boobs & Review Scores


Is Dragon’s Crown Sexist?

Friday Flame War: The Kickstarter Ponzie Scheme


It seems like a long time for something to sink in, but this week the Internet as a whole got…

Friday Flame Wars: Does Xbox DRM Reversal Change Your Mind?


Will you buy an Xbox One now?

Friday Flame Wars: Who Won E3? Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo?


Sony. Come dare to disagree with me.

Friday Flame Wars: WoW Movie Happening, How Can This Be Good?


Legendary + Blizzard = win or disaster?

Friday Flame Wars: No More Generically Dark FPS Games?


Spector vs Wolfenstein vs. YOU!

Friday Flame Wars: Always-Online Xbox — Bad or “Who Cares?”


Gentlemen, light your flamethrowers.

Friday Flame Wars: F2P Founder’s Packs — Yay or Nay?


Would you buy one?

Friday Flame Wars: Sorry, Mr. Orth?

orthybig thumb

Did Adam Orth deserve to get ushered out of his position at Microsoft for his always-on comments on Twitter?

Friday Flame Wars: Best and Worst Video Game Endings

mass effect 3 stargazer thumb

Friday Flame Wars is a recurring feature on Game Front. We present a hot-button issue and then encourage a no-holds-barred…

Friday Flame Wars: GDC Dancing Women, Sexist or SHUT UP?

gdc party 2 thumb

Where do we draw the line on hiring sexy dancers at gaming industry parties?

Friday Flame Wars: CliffyB Mans The Barricades


Flame on!

Friday Flame Wars: Playstation 4 War


Thoughts on Sony’s whole bologna?

Friday Flame Wars: GTA V Delay A Government Conspiracy!


Was it a conspiracy?!?

Friday Flame Wars: Is CliffyB Right About Fewer Dildos in Saints Row?

saints row 3 dildo thumb

CliffyB thinks dildos in Saints Row 3 are holding it back, and it should be more mature. What do you think?

Friday Flame War: EA’s Multiplayer Focus — Yay or Nay?

Is EA killing all games or pushing games to be more than they are? Weigh in!

Friday Flame War – Generic Games: Devs’ Fault, Or Lazy Players?


Flame On!

Friday Flame Wars: Fez vs. Microsoft


Time to take sides.

Friday Flame War: All Digital Is All Awesome?



Friday Flame Wars: Does Diablo 3 Deserve a 90 or a 60?

diablo 3 demon thumb

What’s your Diablo 3 score?

Friday Flame Wars: Diablo 3 vs. Max Payne 3


Weigh in on the great May debate.

Friday Flame Wars: Is the Elder Scrolls MMO a Good Idea?

elder scrolls online thumb

Yes? No? Let us know.

Friday Flame Wars: Does Gears of War Have ‘The Worst Writing in Games’?

gears 3 horde thumb

It’s Friday Flame Wars: Your invitation to post argue in the comments.

Friday Flame Wars: The End Of Harry Potter – Do You Care?


It’s time for Potterlovers and Potterhaters to have it out once and for all.

Friday Flame Wars – 3D Sucks: Discuss


THIS FLAME WAR IS TOTALLY IN YOUR FACE. And you don’t even need to pay 40 bucks for the privilege.