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Upcoming Dark Souls 2 Patch Nerfs Lightning Spears Even Further


Calibration 1.10 for Dark Souls 2 looks to change the game for offensive magic users.

Tune In as James Takes on the Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough Live!


Watch live video from GameFront on Tune in at 12pm PST as James and Mitch take on Dark Souls…

Mitch Continues Through Dark Souls 2 New Game+ LIVE


Watch live video from GameFront on We’re at part 7 of the journey through New Game+ difficulty mode in…

Mitch Continues His Quest Through Dark Souls 2 New Game+ Live


Watch live video from GameFront on The journey continues as Mitch Saltzman runs through Dark Souls 2′s New Game+…

From Software Purchased by Lollipop Chainsaw Publisher

Dark Souls

From Software is being purchased by the publisher Kadokawa. The sale was revealed as a part of the company‚Äôs financial…

Dark Souls 2 PC to Playstation 3 Comparison (VIDEO)

dark souls 2 1 thumb

See a side-by-side graphical rundown of both the PC and console versions of Dark Souls 2.

Mitchell Continues His Fight Through Dark Souls 2 New Game+ Live

dark souls 2 1 thumb


Dark Souls 2 Players Have Died 183 Million Times

Dark Souls 2

More than 7 trillion souls have been lost by Dark Souls 2 players. These lost souls (which currently number 7,108,003,774,564…

Dark Souls 2 PC Preview – From Soft Learns From Mistakes

dark souls 2 1 thumb

Mitch goes hands on with a preview build of the PC version of Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls 2 Review – Praise the Sun


Dark Souls 2 matches and in some cases surpasses its stellar predecessors in nearly every meaningful way

James vs. Games 53 — Welcome to Dark Souls 2

james vs games 53 dark souls 2 thumb

Can James reach and beat The Last Giant in Dark Souls II in under 30 minutes with just five lives?

From Software Shares Dark Souls 2 PC Release Date, Screens


Dark Souls 2 will curse PC players on April 25. From Software and Bandai Namco delivered the news this morning…

We’re Live-Streaming The Dark Souls 2 Beta Tonight At 11 PM!


Do you enjoy things that are enormously difficult and result in the player dying constantly? Then consider your saturday night…

Livestream: James Fights Ornstein, Smough in Dark Souls Today!

dark souls smough thumb

Tune in and see James likely die repeatedly.

Dissecting New Dark Souls 2 Gameplay With James and Mitch


Nurse, pass the scalpel +5 lightning.

Comment of the Week: Sold on Souls


It’s a big one this week.

Console Dark Souls Slash to $13 on Amazon

dark souls 3 thumb

If you haven’t played Dark Souls and you won’t spend more for the PC edition, at least check it out on the cheap.

Dark Souls 2 Might Not Make 2013


So next gen it is!

Dark Souls 2 Will Be More ‘Understandable’

dark souls 2 1 thumb

Expect things to be less obscure — but is that a good thing?

Hey, Game Developers: Enough With the Lore


Why video games need to focus on story, not backstory.

This Dark Souls Mod Can Bring You Up to 60 FPS

dark souls 3 thumb

Only in offline mode, though.

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition Also Coming to Consoles

dark souls thumb

You can also get the new content as DLC.

Got Dark Souls on PC? This Tweak Might Help with Resolution

dark souls 3 thumb

Use at your own risk.

Dark Souls With James Death Montage Is Full Of Hilarious Fail


This is what the agony of defeat looks like.

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition Available For Steam Pre-Order


More Dark Souls. There is a God.

Mustache Wager Madness on Dark Souls With James


See the future of James’ upper lip unfold before your eyes!

Dark Souls PC Won’t Support Voice Chat


So no one will hear you shouting about how hard it is.

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Walkthrough


What just might be the first true hardcore-centric game for Kinect. Try to survive the future of warfare and motion controls with our full walkthrough.

Microsoft Has No Plans to Discontinue Games For Windows Live


File under: “Why, God? Why?!”

Namco Bandai Plans Dark Souls Announcement


Please, please please let it be a PC version.

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