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Got Dark Souls on PC? This Tweak Might Help with Resolution

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Use at your own risk.

Dark Souls With James Death Montage Is Full Of Hilarious Fail


This is what the agony of defeat looks like.

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition Available For Steam Pre-Order


More Dark Souls. There is a God.

Mustache Wager Madness on Dark Souls With James


See the future of James’ upper lip unfold before your eyes!

Dark Souls PC Won’t Support Voice Chat


So no one will hear you shouting about how hard it is.

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Walkthrough


What just might be the first true hardcore-centric game for Kinect. Try to survive the future of warfare and motion controls with our full walkthrough.

Microsoft Has No Plans to Discontinue Games For Windows Live


File under: “Why, God? Why?!”

Namco Bandai Plans Dark Souls Announcement


Please, please please let it be a PC version.

5 Epic Video Game Leaps


In honor of leap-year.

From Software Apologizes For Annoying Dark Souls Frame Rate Issue


Dark Souls; love it or hate it, you have to at least respect it. Punishing difficulty is its calling card,…

The ‘Bring Dark Souls to PC’ Petition is Getting Huge: 58,000+ Signatures

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The petition is picking up steam, so if you haven’t signed it, you should.

Namco Says Despite Rumor, No Plans for Dark Souls on PC (UPDATE)

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Sounds like we probably won’t get a PC Dark Souls, but if the demand were there….

I Think Dark Souls is Great — I Just Don’t Want to Play It

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Look, I get it — it’s smart and paradigm-shifting and doesn’t pull any punches. It’s also boring and infuriating and there are better ways to spend your time.

Dark Souls Review: Death by Design


From Software’s sequel to Demon’s Souls is a frustrating, rewarding triumph of game design.

Dark Souls – All Saints Day Trailer


Just in time for Jewish New Year!

Dark Souls – Prologue Video Part 3


There’s a whole lot of hellfire and damnation in this.

Take a Video Tour of Dark Souls Developer From Software

34388Darksouls (11)

If you take the wrong turn on the way into their office building, you fall into a pit of spikes and lose all your XP.

Dark Souls – Prologue Video Part 1


Lots of moody voice over narration in this one.

New Dark Souls Screenshots Look Sombre, Spectacular

34398Darksouls (9)

These cats’ve got Souls, man.

Get Killed – A Lot – When Dark Souls Drops in October (TRAILER)

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Yup, we’ve got a release date and a lots of death in the spiritual follow-up to Demons’ Souls.

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