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Patent Holder Decides to Sue Mojang, Just About Everyone Else

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Hoping for some settlement money, looks like.

Fruit Ninja Kinect Achievements


Ninja Vs. Fruit

Fruit Ninja Kinect Cheats


Like in any buddy cop movie, this fruit stand is about to get hit.

Fruit Ninja Kinect Avatar Awards


Lighten up your X-box Live avatar with these fruity awards.

In Honor of Fruit Ninja Kinect — 5 iOS Games That Would Rock on Kinect

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You can slice fruit with your Kinect — why can’t you sword fight, build stuff and torture natives with your godlike powers?

E3 2011 – Fruit Ninja To Hit Kinect This Summer, Facebook This Year

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Slice fruit no matter where you are.

Fruit Ninja Kinect Trailer — Humor Fail


Be the ninja.