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When Good Games Are Too Hard

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Gods Will Be Watching recently implemented its Mercy update, adding new gameplay modes that scaled back its difficulty and the…

Gamer Proposes to Girlfriend With Custom FTL Encounter


A Reddit user has proposed to his partner by inserting a proposal into the game FTL. FTL may be known…

FTL: Advanced Edition Video Walkthrough [w/ James!]


Go hard or go home with the master of space combat himself.

FTL: Advanced Edition Impressions: A Good Day to Die

ftl advanced 1 thumb

The new free expansion for FTL is great, and what’s more, it’s free.

PSA: FTL’s Advanced Edition Expansion is Out Now

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Go get it if you haven’t.

Free FTL: Advanced Edition Expansion Coming April 3

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We’ve finally got a date for the new FTL update — get excited!

FTL: The Clone Wars — Advanced Edition Update


The Kobayashi Maru of video games, FTL: Faster Than Light, is going to become even more difficult with the upcoming…

Captains Beware — the Lanius are Invading FTL: Faster Than Light


Because everything is better with liquid metal Terminators, or in the case of space ship strategy/rogue-like FTL: Faster Than Light,…

FTL: Advanced Edition Runs On iOS, Features New Expansion

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Subset Games is releasing a new version of their smash hit FTL: Faster Than Light. FTL: Advanced Edition will be…

Humble Indie Bundle 9 Opened My Wallet


If it seems like there’s always a new bundle of games on sale from one site or another these days,…

2013 IGF Finalists: Seamus McNally Grand Prize


These games sure are grand! (rimshot) (canned laughter)

2013 IGF Finalists: Excellence in Design


The most important aspect of a game is how fun it is, right?

Next Batch of Steam Greenlight Games, Software Coming Jan. 15

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More games are coming! Kicks Off ‘End of the World’ Sale

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Grab some new games in honor of the apocalypse.

Indie Game of the Year 2012


From a new twist on 2D platformers to an innovative FPS-RTS hybrid, these are the best indie titles of the year.

FTL Drops to $6 on GoG Today

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You should definitely get it at that price (or any price).

More Games Greenlit Through Steam, Total Up to 50

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More games are coming!

FTL Dev: Modding ‘Unexpected,’ Support ‘Pretty Much Impossible’

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FTL’s developers talk modding and how they’re taking it a little easier now that the game is out.

5 FTL Mods That Make the Game Even More Awesome

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Five ways to tweak the awesome space travel rogue-like and make it shiny and new again.

This FTL Painting Officially Makes Me Want a Sequel

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This is pretty impressive.

Comment of the Week: Why Would You Want Captain Needa?

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Mixing “Star Wars” and FTL is awesome.

FTL Mods Add Ships from ‘Star Trek,’ ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Firefly’

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Cooler ships! Hooray!

FTL Review: Fleeing Certain Death Pretty Much Constantly

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A great Rogue-like strategy title, FTL will keep you busy (dying) for hours.