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Funcom Under Investigation In Norway For Insider Trading

Funcom Logo 140x

Funcom‘s offices in Skøyen, Norway were raided by Norwegian authorities earlier this week, as that country’s government investigates claims of insider…

The Secret World Gives Contest Awards to All


Did you enter a contest? In The Secret World, that’s good enough to win!

Not So Fast! Secret World Isn’t Going F2P As Soon As We Thought


Wait, stop confusing me with things and stuff!

The Secret World Offers Free Trial, Plus Bonuses

secret world 2 thumb

The more you play, the more you get.

The Secret World Only Sold About 200,000


This is good news and bad news.

Secret World Dev Lays Off 50% of Employees



The Secret World’s August Update: New Missions, New Weapon

secret world digging deeper thumb

More code-breaking in the “Digging Deeper” update.

Funcom’s MMO The Secret World Now Available on Steam

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Now with your Steam friends.

PSA: The Secret World is Free This Weekend

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Try it out from Aug. 3 to Aug. 6.

How to Get Video Game Horror Right


Besides increasing the quality of your “dripping with slime” textures, obviously.

The Secret World Launches Stat-Tracking Website

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Keep track of all the vampires you stake in Funcom’s new MMO.

4 Conspiracies We’d Like to See in The Secret World


Mysteries abound in FunCom’s new MMO. Will these make the cut?

FunCom CEO Resigns on Eve of Secret World Launch


Strange timing, but FunCom isn’t worried.

Funcom Working On LEGO MMO Focused On Minifigs


And que boredom.

PSA: Final The Secret World Beta Will Be Open To Everyone


But you gotta sign up soon.

The Secret World Announces Beta Weekend, Gets 1 Million Sign-ups


The secret is out.

Funcom Launches Browser-Based Social Game “The Secret War”


Pro-tip: don’t try to explain the difference between “Secret War” and “Secret World’ while under the influence of alcohol.

The Secret World Preview: Building a Better MMO


Secret World’s unique character progression system sets it apart.

Game Front Parties It Up At Nvidia’s GTX Meetup


Free booze. New video cards. Is this heaven?

Secret World Release Date Pushed Back to June 19th


June is, after all, the most Secret month.

No Player Death In The Secret World


The reason for this is dumb.

The 5 Best-Reviewed Games You Might Not Have Heard Of


Hmm…The Orange Box. Is that about citrus farming?

There’s a Secret War Going On in The Secret World (TRAILER)

secret world 2 thumb

Secret societies, secret monsters and secret…uh…squirrels. Okay, not that last part.

I Really Hope That’s Cthulhu in This Trailer for The Secret World

the secret world 2 thumb

It’s definitely a giant monster.

Devs: Secret World is a ‘Globetrotting Adventure’ (TRAILER)

the secret world thumb

That’s kind of opposite what I thought the game was actually like.

New The Secret World Trailer Relieves Itself


When you gotta go, you gotta go.

The Secret World’s Creepy Setting is Creepy – and Haunted (TRAILER)

the secret world thumb

Digging this game’s Alan Wake-Stephen King-Resident Evil 4 vibe.

Age of Conan is now Free-To-Play

age of conan thumb

There’s quite a bit of content offered for absolutely nothing.

Age of Conan Breaks Ground With Server-Side PhysX


Hither came Conan, sword in hand, a thief, a reaver, a slayer, to tread the physics-enabled servers of the Earth.

Funcom’s The Secret World to be Co-published by EA Partners


The modern consiracy MMO from the developers of Age of Conan sees major distribution boost thanks to EA agreement.

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