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Farewell, Game Front


Well, damn. How to start… After four awesome years, today is my last day as Editor-in-Chief of Game Front. Looking…

Join Game Front For A Grand Theft Auto V Midnight Stream!

GTA V 140x

Since you’re probably calling in sick to work tomorrow to play Grand Theft Auto V all day anyway, why not…

Lords of the Fallen Preview: Dark Souls Lite?


For those of you wanting the Dark Souls feel without hurling insults at the tv, this is your game.

Game Front Announces Layout Redesign


Get a sneak peak at our website redesign!

Watch The Best Video Game Apocalypses (Video)

mass effect 3 reaper landing thumb

Mayans were wrong. We’ve been having them for years.

James vs. Games Ep 2: James Vs. Bayonetta


Humiliations galore. Or are there?

Watch Game Front’s James Interview Game Front’s Mitch At E3


Yeah, this is a bit like a snake swallowing its tail.

Watch Our Interview With Company of Heroes 2 Director Quinn Duffy


And get a great history lesson.