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Patent Holder Decides to Sue Mojang, Just About Everyone Else

minecraft 2 thumb

Hoping for some settlement money, looks like.

The Serious Potential of Facebook Gaming


It doesn’t have to be nothing but Farmville

I Spy the Silent Ops Launch-day Trailer


I’ll take dry martini. iPhone, not Android.

Gameloft Releases N.O.V.A. First-Person Shooter on Facebook

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It’s multiplayer and it’s free-to-play, but it’s kind of frustrating.

Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard Review

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Gameloft’s newest iPhone/iPad first-person shooter builds on the company’s experience on the platform with a solid squad interface.

Gameloft Seeing High Sales on Sony’s Xperia Play

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The Xperia Play isn’t even out in the U.S. and it’s already among the best Android devices for Gameloft sales.

GDC11: Xperia Play Hands-On

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When I found the Xperia Play on the exhibition floor at GDC 2011, I almost couldn’t believe it. The mythical…

Gameloft Drops Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard Gameplay Trailer

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Finally, we get to see what Shadow Vanguard actually looks like, as well as when we’ll get to play it.

GDC11: Gameloft Signs Up to Make Four Unreal Engine 3 Games


Looks like Epic raising the royalty cap on Unreal Engine 3 is already leading to more games.

StarFront: Collision Review

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Despite being a ludicrously blatant StarCraft rip-off, Gameloft has still brought a high degree of skill and polish to its iPhone sci-fi RTS, and it performs well because of it.

Snag Some Gameloft, EA iPhone Games on Sale for $0.99

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A bunch of big games are available at a massive discount in the App Store, but only for a limited time. A few of these are definitely worth a look.

Gameloft’s StarCraft, er, StarFront Delayed a Week

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You’ll have to wait until Feb. 18 to get Gameloft’s RTS game on your iDevice.

Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden Review

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Gameloft puts a lot of ambition into its Zelda-like iPhone action-RPG, but it lacks the sense of adventure and the kind of challenge necessary to stand beside its inspiration.

Gameloft’s Take On StarCraft Hits App Store Thursday (VIDEO)

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Expect StarFront: Collision to be basically just like StarCraft, and run you $6.99 in the App Store.

Sacred Odyssey Hitting iPhones This Week (TRAILER)(GALLERY)

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We’ve got a release date for Gameloft’s latest big iPhone title, plus new photos and video.

Modern Combat: Domination Review

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This multiplayer-only FPS gets right to the point, and while it’s by no means perfect, it’s easy to forgive most or all of its issues because of its bargain asking price.

Gameloft Bringing Rainbow Six to iPhone (VIDEO)

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Here’s a trailer that shows you nothing about the game and gives no information whatsoever.

Gameloft’s Tease is Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden (VIDEO)

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And yeah, it looks like a mobile take on Zelda.

Why You Should Care About Mobile Gaming

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It’s growing out of control. Pretty soon, you could be virtually shooting, racing or stiff-arming players who aren’t in front of a TV or computer screen, but on a phone.

Check Out This Limited Edition N.O.V.A. 2 Figure (GALLERY)

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This cool Kal Wardin figure makes me think that small-scale game makers are on their way to becoming big movers in the game industry. But that might just be me.

Modern Combat: Domination Trailer Looks Awesome at Just $8 (VIDEO)


Gameloft is readying an online multiplayer FPS that’ll hit the Playstation Network for cheap and can employ Move. And it looks pretty sweet.

Gameloft Teases New iPhone Game with Facebook Campaign (VIDEO)

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N.O.V.A. 2 maker Gameloft is known for taking well-known, successful console game franchises and … let’s say, using them to…

Gameloft Partners with Panasonic to Put Games Straight to Connected TVs


The iDevice is beaming some of its popular games straight to TVs, with no console, phone or other objects needed in between.

N.O.V.A. 2 Review


Great graphics, intuitive controls and varied gameplay make Gameloft’s sequel one of the best games on the iPhone.