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GameStop CEO Confirms Stores Closed on Thanksgiving


GameStop will giving its employees the day off on Thanksgiving. That, at least, was the indication of CEO Paul Raines…

GameStop Introducing New Monthly PowerUp Reward Perks


UPDATE: GameStop has informed us that the information in the press release was not correct. Rather than receiving “$50 towards…

GameStop Hopes To Sell Used DLC


With the rise of digital distribution, there’s a lot of pressure on video game retailers to adapt and change. So…

GF Podcast 33: Pre-order Bonuses, EA’s Hero Complex

alien isolation nostromo edition thumb

We talk about EA, pre-orders and other things that annoy us, and tons of games you should check out if you have nothing to play this summer.

GameStop Wants to Offer Customers “Exclusive” Gameplay


GameStop is working with publishers to give its customers unique gameplay content for shopping at its stores. These efforts were…

GameStop: Xbox One Sales on the Rise Since Price Drop


Microsoft’s price cut for the Xbox One may have already boosted interest among consumers. That, at least, is the impression…

GameStop Closing 120 Stores in 2014


GameStop will be closing 120 game stores in fiscal year 2014. These plans were revealed in a recent investor presentation…

Pre-Order inFamous Second Son, Get Condoms & Red Bull

Infamous Second Son DELSIN_HAMLET 140x

You think free skins and gun upgrades are a good deal? GameStop Italy’s pre-order bonuses for Infamous: Second Son might…

No Slowing The GameStop Money Train: Sales Up 18.8%

GameStop Logo Money Black 140x

GameStop has all the money, according to its Q3 FY2013 earnings report. The chain is reporting an 18.8 percent boost…

Best Buy Offering “Minimum” $100 Credit for PS3, Xbox 360 Trade-in


Which next gen console is for you? We can help! Check out Game Front’s Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4 Ultimate…

GameStop Donates to Deployed and Wounded Soldiers


Even if it’s just a publicity stunt, good on them.

Xbox One Won’t Kill Used Games, But Will Let Publishers Do So


Say goodbye to Gamestop.

Digital Sales Rise for GameStop in Holiday 2012, While Resales Fall

gamestop thumb

Sales to PC players are strong, though — might that cause a shift in GameStop’s focus?

Assassin’s Creed 3 Is Ubisoft’s Most-Preordered


Though this might not mean what they want us to think it means.

Peripheral Maker Leaks Wii U Launch Date


Holy… something?

Report: Working For Gamestop In The Top 10 Of Sucking


Shopping there, also. Zing.

GameStop: Used Games Do So Totally Help The Industry!


I think they might be right.

GameStop Announces Pathetic “EXPO” For 2 Days Before PAX



GameStop Ditching PSP Games In 25% Of Stores


It’s true!

GameStop To Begin Selling Steam Vouchers


And so ends their attempt to break into the Intertubes.

Publishers’ War on Used Games and Why You Should Buy a PC Already

kingdoms of amalur 1 thumb

As publishers continue to exert more control on console gamers’ buying habits, it’s past time to switch to PC.

BioWare Announces Mass Effect 3 Pre-Order Goodies


Helping you defeat the Reapers, and look good doing it!

The 3DS Second-Stick Attachment Will Be A Gamestop Exclusive In The US


God. D*MMIT.

Gamestop/EB Games Now Resorting To Outright Trickery To Sell Used Games


Yep: Gamestop really, really, really, really sucks.

Gamestop Confirms Their Stupid Streaming Service Will Be Stupid


Thanks, but no thanks guys. Actually, you know what? Just ‘no thanks’.

Gamestop Facing Class-Action Suit Over Treating Employees Like Criminals


I wonder if ‘customer constantly getting ripped off’ also counts as a class. Because seriously, Gamestop sucks.

American McGee: There Soon ‘Won’t Be Much Need’ For Physical Game Stores


And he might be right! But his games will still suck.