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GDC11: Xperia Play Hands-On

star_battalion thumb

When I found the Xperia Play on the exhibition floor at GDC 2011, I almost couldn’t believe it. The mythical…

GDC 11: Prince of Devs — Jordan Mechner Tells the Story of Prince of Persia


Learn the story behind the tale behind the legend!

GDC 11: Pixel Art Finished Product


See how it turned out! Spoiler alert: there are dragons and ninjas!

GDC 11 – The Secret World Demo Impressions


Take a look at what we learned about FunCom’s new MMO!

GDC 11 – War in the North Hands-on


We waged the War in the North during this hands-on with Snowblind’s Lord of the Rings RPG.

GDC 11 – Nidhogg Hands-on


Check out the Indie sleeper hit Nidhogg. You heard it here first (we hope).

GDC 11 – B.U.T.T.O.N. Hands-on and Interview


This game will single-handedly (and single-buttonedly) revolutionize your next party.

GDC11: Jurassic Park: The Game Hands-On

jurassic park 3 thumb

We got to get murdered by dinosaurs in Telltale’s upcoming adventure game, an experience marked by an emphasis on story and some tense quick-time events.

Bungie’s MMO Confirmation Was “Just a Joke”


Seriously guys, they were just kidding.

GDC 11: Razer’s Switchblade Handheld Up Close


Check out those LCD keys!

GDC 11 – The Darkness II Presentation


We saw the Darkness demo in person! Here are our thoughts!

GDC 11: Portal 2 Live, Powered by Razer’s Sixense Motion Control


Believe the hype.

GDC 11: Epic Unreal Engine 3 Rollout


A recap of our experience with the “Samaritan” Unreal Engine 3 demo.

GDC 11: Torchlight Hands-on


And the Lord said, “let there be Torchlight.”

GDC 11: Playstation Move Sharpshooter


Hunting Ducks is for pussies. Hunting people is for Playstation.

GDC 11: Operation Flashpoint – Red River Interview


If you don’t bring your ‘A’ game you’ll find that Red River is actually a tributary of “Cripple Creek.”

GDC 11: Crysis 2 Hands-on

Crysis 2

Crysis is a great-looking, technologically advanced Sci-Fi shooter. Should you care? I’m not so sure.

GDC 11: There is War, in the North!


War! Huh! What is it good for? Apparently, a lot.

Army of Darkness Castle Defense Taking a Boomstick to iPhone

army of darkness thumb

And it supposedly includes Bruce Campbell lines from the movie!

Dead Island Isn’t Getting a Movie, But is Shopping the Idea Around

dead island thumb

Techland sets the record straight — there is no movie and no one owns the rights right now.

GDC11: Mario Emerges on Community Pixel Art Project

pixel mario thumb

Somebody converted a few of the pixels in the GDC crowdsourced project to create small Mario from Super Mario World.

GDC11: NGP Media Will Include Dedicated Save Space

ngp thumb

NGP games will come with their own dedicated space for memory, so you can pop the game out and transfer it to another device, save and all.

If 3DS Could Handle Unreal Engine 3, ‘We’d Be On It,’ Says Rein

3ds thumb

Epic doesn’t just hate Nintendo.

GDC 11: THQ PR Stunt Sends Balloons into SF Skies, Then Directly into Bay

homefront thumb

Bonehead PR move makes a whole city annoyed at video games, and also at innocent bystander GameStop.

EVE Online at the Mercy of Its Players


Massive space battles can take down the system.

GDC 11: Top Ten Best Moments of the GDCA and IGF Awards


Even better than the Tonys!

GDC 11: Awards Ceremony Recap


A night of prizes and pride at the GDC Awards.

GDC 11: Dillinger Escape Plan Rocks in the Rain


Mathcore and video games about invading North Koreans. It’s like Peanut Butter and Jelly.

GDC 11: Trenched! Double Fine’s New WWI Mech Game


Truly, the Sci-fi Robot War to end all wars.

GDC11: Piracy is Not Theft, Says the Creator of Minecraft

minecraft marriage thumb

And he is incorrect.

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