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GDC 11: 3DS Will Film in 3D, Connect to 10,000 AT&T Wirelss Hubs


“The world is still in the beginning stages of content creation in 3D. At Nintendo, we’re here to accelerate that process.” – Nintendo of America

GDC11: Yu Suzuki Says He Could “Probably” Make Shenmue III If He Wants


But they need money. Open your wallets, fans!

GDC 11: Games on the 3DS — Zelda, Mario, and the eStore


Will the 3DS have enough games a launch?

GDC 11: 3DS Will Have Netflix


Now if it could only make coffee and order pizza….

Infamous 2 to Sport User-Created Missions


So, does this mean it’s Play, Create, Electrify?

New Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword Videos at GDC


This… is my boomstick!

GDC 11: Battlefield 3 Fault Line Episode 1 Gameplay Trailer


The Frostbite 2 engine struts its stuff in the first gameplay trailer for Battlefield 3.

GDC 11: Collaborative Pixel Art Puts Convention-goers to Work

Pixel Art

Artist Jude Buffum created a gigantic pixel art installation at GDC. See it in its unfinished state and speculate on the eventual outcome.

GDC 11: Experimental AI Demos Guide You Through the Uncanny Valley


The latest and greatest in AI research.

GDC 11: Monaco Creator Andy Schatz Describes Designing a Winner


From the basic idea to the final product, and all the steps in between.

GDC 11: Turing Tantrums (AI Developers Sound Off)


Some of the biggest brains in the business took on their pet peeves at this swashbuckling, hilarious panel.

GDC 11: The Secret World is Slightly Less Secret


We saw The Secret World at GDC. Unfortunately, it’s gotta stay a secret until next week.

GDC11: Big Content Update Coming for Infinity Blade, Maybe a Sequel

infinity blade thumb

ChAIR’s Donald Mustard says an update will expand Infinity Blade’s story, and the developer is “very interested” in expanding Infinity Blade and Shadow Complex — maybe with sequels.

GDC 11: Box 2D Creator Wants Credit for Angry Birds


An Angry Birds dev gets an interesting question at a GDC panel.

GDC 11: Video Games Can Protect You Against Nightmares


Playing them also makes you .00015% more attractive to the opposite sex.

GDC 11: Section 8: Prejudice Hands-on


We had a chance to play TimeGate’s new downloadable shooter at GDC. This is what we thought.

GDC11: World of Warcraft and Disease Control


In 2005, a game design flaw led to a plague within the World of Warcraft. Nina Fefferman, nerd epidemiologist extraordinaire, is on the case.

GDC11: Gameloft Signs Up to Make Four Unreal Engine 3 Games


Looks like Epic raising the royalty cap on Unreal Engine 3 is already leading to more games.

GDC11: Steam Coming to TVs

achievements tab

Valve hasn’t said how it works, though.

Four New Screens from Hunted: The Demon’s Forge (GALLERY)

hunted thumb

Check ‘em.

GDC 2011: GameFront Has Landed


Yeah, we’re at GDC ’11. Stay tuned for our coverage straight from the convention.

Apple Probably Announcing iPad 2 Next Week

ipad 2 announcement thumb

There’s a press invite circulating with a big iPad picture on it, just so there’s no confusion.

Peter Molyneux On Tap for a Lifetime Achievement Award


He seems a little young for on of these, but, well, we don’t really have a lot of old people working in this industry.

Report Says PSP 2 ‘as Powerful as PS3′

psp 2 thumb

Sony wants to encourage developers to create deeper gaming experiences to fight off Apple, according to reports.

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