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Microsoft Prepping DirectX 12, Details at GDC 2014


Microsoft hasn’t released an all-new version of its API since DirectX 11 launched in 2008. It appears that will change…

The Last of Us, Gone Home Each Up for Five GDC Awards


You’ve seen Game Front’s choices for the best games of 2013, but what about the developers themselves? What did the…

GDC Expands, GDC Next Planned for November in LA


GDC Next is inbound.

GDC Indie Gem: Farsh


Check out this clever, cool puzzle game, all the way from Iran!

GDC Indie Gem: Zineth


Hands-on with the IGF’s “Best Student Game.”

Justice League of Legends: Hands-on with Infinite Crisis

Infinite Crisis_21_nightmare_batman_actionThumb

Does the DC Comics MOBA have what it takes?

Total War: Rome 2 Gets Barbaric at GDC 2013


It’s Legions vs. Germans in the Battle of Teutonberg Forest.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Announced for iOS


Quick, to the Bat-iPad!

Tomb Raider Had Best Week One Sales in Franchise History


Still not good enough for Square Enix, though.

EA Spouse: EA Doesn’t Get Enough Credit


No respect, I tell ya.

Digital Game Sales Up 33% Year-Over-Year in US


Account for nearly half of 2012 game spending in the US.

GDC 2013 Hits Record 23,000 Attendees


GDC 2014 confirmed.

Friday Flame Wars: GDC Dancing Women, Sexist or SHUT UP?

gdc party 2 thumb

Where do we draw the line on hiring sexy dancers at gaming industry parties?

GDC 13: Bungie Reveals New Destiny Art, Video, Information

brave_frontier_desktop thumb

Character classes, races, and lots of gorgeous art.

Creative Assembly Announces Free-to-Play Title Total War: Arena

total war arena thumb

Ten-on-ten multiplayer action is coming your way for free.

[UPDATE] Dancing Girls & Angry Resignations: Tale of Two GDC Parties

gdc party 2 thumb

A GDC after-party featuring scantily clad women dancers has already led to three IGDA resignations and some angry backlash.

Opinion: Battlefield 4 Reaches for Emotion, Hits a Dog in the Face


Game Front’s crack team went to hell and back, virtually. This is their story.

EA: DRM Is A Failed Dead-End Strategy


Glad you can accept that.

GDC 2013: Tom Abernathy Says “Women Are The New Core”


It’s only good sense for games to diversify.

The Phantom Pain is Metal Gear Solid V: Here’s What We Know

mgs v thumb

Unfortunately, that awesome-looking new IP is really an old IP.

Sony Reveals Blacklight: Retribution and Primal Carnage Genesis for PS4


PS4 to be a more open platform for indie devs.

Game Front Will Be at GDC 2013!


Battlefield 4 and much more!

Dice Unveiling Battlefield 4 March 26 In San Francisco


Are you going?