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Pitchford Talks Borderlands 2 DLC: ‘Big Stuff’ Planned


Read on for more of how you’ll be blowing your money.

Long Live Random!


This week’s new releases take advantage of gaming’s inherent strengths.

Comment of the Week: Codes Make Me Go


Another exciting installment in our weekly series!

How To Get The Dark Souls Easter Egg In Borderlands 2

borderlands 2 6 thumb


Borderlands 2: How to Find the Most Annoying Gun [Video]


Don’t shoot the messenger.

Rumor: Borderlands 2 Getting 10-Hour ‘Torque’ DLC

borderlands 2 6 thumb

Another 10-hour boost to Borderlands 2 could be on its way.

Borderlands 2: Top Gun Side-Quest [Easter Egg]


You can be my wingman anytime. Check out this extensive Top Gun Easter Egg!

Borderlands 2: Cute Loot Achievement Guide & Chubby Locations


Find this rare monster, and get some nice loot for your troubles.

Borderlands 2: Give Claptrap a High Five Achievement Guide


Make a new friend in Sanctuary.

Borderlands 2: How to Farm Infinite Eridium [Glitch]


Get rich on this rare mineral.

Borderlands 2: How to Duplicate Weapons & Get Infinite Money [Glitch]


Looking to get rich? Duplicate your weapons and items, then sell as many as you want with this simple glitch.

Borderlands 2: How to Farm Badass Tokens


Think you’re badass? We’ll show you have to gather tokens as proof.

Borderlands 2: Easter Eggs & Pop-Culture References



Borderlands 2 Review: Hell. Yes.

borderlands 2 2 thumb

It’s leaner, bigger, and funnier than the original. It’s also simultaneously dumber AND smarter.

Borderlands 2: Well That Was Easy Side-quest Guide


It really is.

Borderlands 2: How to Unlock Golden Keys & Veteran Skins


Get your bonus rewards for Borderlands 2 here.

Players Claiming Some Retailers Over-Sold Borderlands 2

borderlands 2 2 thumb

Some people are getting their orders canceled, it seems.

Use This Steam Fix to Get Your Borderlands 2 Premiere Club Content

borderlands 2 4 thumb

Hopefully this gets you what you’ve already paid for.

Borderlands 2: Where to Find the Minecraft Easter Egg


Don’t fear the Creeper.

Borderlands 2 Review Roundup: People Like It

borderlands 2 thumb

People like it. Didn’t see that coming.

Borderlands 2: So Much Blood Achievement Guide [Video]


So much blood, so little time.

Borderlands 2: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Side-quest [Easter Egg]


Tonight we dine on turtle soup!

Borderlands 2: Best Claptrap Quotes Mashup [Video]


Feast your ears on some of Claptrap’s new and improved quotes.

Borderlands 2: Tribute to a Vault Hunter Achievement Guide [Video]


Honor a Borderlands.

Borderlands 2′s Launch Trailer Includes Much Death

borderlands 2 4 thumb

As one might expect.

Pirtchford: Want Borderlands 2 On Vita? Sony Should Step Up



Gearbox Tosses Out Price, Info for Borderlands 2′s Mechromancer

mechromancer details thumb

You get her free if you pre-order Borderlands 2; if not, it’ll cost you.

Try Filling Out Your Borderlands 2 Skill Tree Today

borderlands 2 skill tree thumb

You can see all the abilities for each character and how you might combine them.

Female Characters Coming Colonial Marines’ Multiplayer, Co-Op

colonial marines 3 thumb

It takes a petition for Gearbox to realize it should put female characters in a game set in a franchise that’s about female characters.

We Played Colonial Marines ‘Escape Mode’ And Lost Badly


On the ground at PAX Prime, we sucked at killing Aliens.

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