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Borderlands 2: Well That Was Easy Side-quest Guide


It really is.

Borderlands 2: How to Unlock Golden Keys & Veteran Skins


Get your bonus rewards for Borderlands 2 here.

Players Claiming Some Retailers Over-Sold Borderlands 2

borderlands 2 2 thumb

Some people are getting their orders canceled, it seems.

Use This Steam Fix to Get Your Borderlands 2 Premiere Club Content

borderlands 2 4 thumb

Hopefully this gets you what you’ve already paid for.

Borderlands 2: Where to Find the Minecraft Easter Egg


Don’t fear the Creeper.

Borderlands 2 Review Roundup: People Like It

borderlands 2 thumb

People like it. Didn’t see that coming.

Borderlands 2: So Much Blood Achievement Guide [Video]


So much blood, so little time.

Borderlands 2: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Side-quest [Easter Egg]


Tonight we dine on turtle soup!

Borderlands 2: Best Claptrap Quotes Mashup [Video]


Feast your ears on some of Claptrap’s new and improved quotes.

Borderlands 2: Tribute to a Vault Hunter Achievement Guide [Video]


Honor a Borderlands.

Borderlands 2′s Launch Trailer Includes Much Death

borderlands 2 4 thumb

As one might expect.

Pirtchford: Want Borderlands 2 On Vita? Sony Should Step Up



Gearbox Tosses Out Price, Info for Borderlands 2′s Mechromancer

mechromancer details thumb

You get her free if you pre-order Borderlands 2; if not, it’ll cost you.

Try Filling Out Your Borderlands 2 Skill Tree Today

borderlands 2 skill tree thumb

You can see all the abilities for each character and how you might combine them.

Female Characters Coming Colonial Marines’ Multiplayer, Co-Op

colonial marines 3 thumb

It takes a petition for Gearbox to realize it should put female characters in a game set in a franchise that’s about female characters.

We Played Colonial Marines ‘Escape Mode’ And Lost Badly


On the ground at PAX Prime, we sucked at killing Aliens.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Adds ‘Escape’ Multiplayer Mode

colonial marines 4 thumb

Sounds like the Left 4 Dead model.

PSA: Get All Borderlands 2 DLC With The Season Pass


If you’ll be playing, maybe it’s worth it.

Sexism In Gaming: 5 Reasons It’s A Thing


Why it’s time for the gaming community to stop treating every new instance of sexist nonsense like an isolated event.

Borderlands 2 Gets an 8-Bit Top-Down Demake

borderlands 2 demake thumb

Remember when video games were all like this? That kinda sucked, huh.

Borderlands 2 has Gone Gold, Says Pitchford

borderlands 2 4 thumb

Borderlands 2 is imminent.

Shocker: Gearbox Triggers Anger Over ‘Girlfriend Mode’ Remark

borderlands 2 mecromancer concept thumb

Gearbox, mixed up in some kind of sexism controversy? MIND = BLOWN.

Congratulations: Borderlands 2 Will be Uncut Worldwide


Corrected for accuracy. Borderlands shipped incomplete in some regions; in Germany, for example, some of the more violent bits were…

Borderlands 2 Will Have 200-300 Enemy Types



Pitchford is Surprised No One Has Cloned Borderlands

borderlands 1 THUMB

What, is there something wrong with it? Don’t you like Randy’s game?

Borderlands 2 Ready for Certification, Gearbox Looks to DLC


It’s in the can ahead of its Sept. 18 release date.

Borderlands 2 Will Take You At Least 60 Hours, Pitchford Says

borderlands 2 4 thumb

Expect to spend twice as much time with Borderlands 2 as you did with the first game.

5 Games That Could Use An Extended Cut


A.K.A. “Games that make you go ‘that’s it!’”

Gearbox: No Borderlands 2 Official Tools, But Modding Encouraged



Aliens: Colonial Marines Gets a Spiffy Collector’s Edition

colonial marines collectors thumb

I must own this.

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