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CliffyB Says He’s “Officially” Returning to Video Games


Cliff “CliffyB” Bleszkinski has announced that he will be returning to game development. Speaking on Twitter, the famous developer revealed…

No, Cliff Bleszinski Is Not Working On Gears Of War Again

Cliff Bleszinski CliffyB Headshot 140x

After Microsoft announced the acquisition of the Gears of War franchise from Epic Games this morning, many a mind turned…

Breaking: Microsoft Acquires Gears of War From Epic Games


Get ready for a barrage of Halo-themed Gears of War jokes. Microsoft just announced in a post on Xbox Wire…

Chinese Publisher Tencent Acquires Major Stake in Epic Games


Gears of nope.

The Gears Of War Series Has Sold 19m Copies

gears of war  4 baird thumb


Gears Of War Movie 1 Step Closer To Never Happening

gears of war  4 baird thumb

Admit it, you know this is true.

Gears of War Producer Fergusson Joins BioShock: Infinite Team

gears 3 beta thumb

That’s an interesting move.

China’s Tencent Buys Minority Stake In Epic Games


Obviously, everyone should panic.

Gears of War 4 Might Show Up at E3 2012

gears of war 4 game informer small thumb

The next Gears of War is getting the Game Informer reveal treatment.

Beaver Claims ‘Worst Writing in Games’ Quote ‘Out of Context’

dead space 2 thumb

Yeah, sure it was.

Friday Flame Wars: Does Gears of War Have ‘The Worst Writing in Games’?

gears 3 horde thumb

It’s Friday Flame Wars: Your invitation to post argue in the comments.

Dead Space Story Producer: Gears of War Has ‘Worst Writing in Games’

gears 3 beta thumb

He also admits that Dead Space’s story was kind of a mess, too.

Dead Island and The Game We All Wanted To Play That Never Existed

dead island girl dad thumb

Looking back, the Dead Island trailer for a game that never was is still a game I’d like to play.

Retro Rewind: Gears of War


We revisit the Xbox classic in anticipation of Gears of War 3.

Dude Constructs Fully Automatic Nerf Lancer (VIDEO)

lancer thumb

And you can own it — if you live in the UK!

Comic-Con 2011: Gears of War 3 Has Custom Graffiti, Courtesy of Artist OG Slick (TRAILER)


Tagging, but not with grenades.

5 Video Game Characters With The Biggest Daddy Issues


In real life, people hire therapists. In video games, they go on non stop killing sprees!

GameFront’s Gratuitous Guide To Naming Your Video Game (Infographic)


Follow our simple flowchart and create a title to compete with the A-list developers!

GDC 11: Epic Unreal Engine 3 Rollout


A recap of our experience with the “Samaritan” Unreal Engine 3 demo.

Epic President “would love to ship the Gears trilogy on PlayStation”


Not saying it’s gonna happen or nothin’, though.

(LIST) 10 Game-ified ‘Chick’ Flicks


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here’s 10 awesome ways Hollywood can trick people into leaving their consoles at home.