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Witcher 2 Now Available For Macs and On Sale

witcher 2 thumb

Everybody gets a discount!

CD Projekt, Plan Mac Announcement Event

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It’ll include new games coming to the service and new info about CD Projekt’s game Cyberpunk. Rolls Out Its Guide to ‘Enhancing’ Baldur’s Gate

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Use this handy set of mods to make your current Baldur experience better.

Project Eternity Coming to GOG, To The Moon Price Slashed Today

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Yay, things without DRM!

Legend of Grimrock, Lots More Half Off on

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This is a pretty good price for a pretty good game.

Watchmen Artist Dave Gibbons Collaborating on New Adventure Game


Good news for fans of the comic, adventure games, and particularly Gibbons’ art.

More Gamers Than Ever Buy Games Online


Anyone feel sorry for GameStop? Anyone? Bueller?

Resonance Review

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A point-and-click that innovates and tells a great story, Resonance is definitely worth a look.

GOG Announces New, Old Titles: Colonization, Tomb Raider, Resonance, More


Their assault on your bank account continues.

Did You Buy Witcher 1 Anywhere? Get a Free Backup Copy from

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That’s pretty cool of those CD Projekt guys.

Legend of Grimrock sells 17,000 copies through GOG


GOG calls itself a valuable developer partner.

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver now on GOG


GOG’s new Wraith in the hole.

GOG Boss Says Massive Discounts are ‘Bad For Gamers’


Cheap games are bad for us? Says GOG? What?

Witcher 2 Devs Planning to Give Away Something on GOG Thursday


They’re announcing something big at their conference, too.

Good Old Games Catalogue Expands to Include New, Newish Games


Exciting news from CD Projekt’s popular digital distribution service.

Activision Games 50% Off on


Yes, Phantasmagoria is one of them!

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