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GTA 5 Goes Gold, Rockstar Disappointed By Soundtrack Leak


Rockstar expresses their disappointment at the GTA 5 soundtrack leak.

GTA 5 Radio and Soundtrack Leaked — Lazlow Is Back

Grand Theft Auto V Michael 592x

The soundtrack for Grand Theft Auto V leaked online in a massive sound file.

Even More GTA 5 Info: Regrettable Tattoos, Creepster Yoga


UPDATE: Soon after publication of this post, the full audio file for Grand Theft Auto V radio stations was leaked…

Grand Theft Auto 5 Achievements


Crime pays in gamerscore.

Watch The GTA Online Reveal Video Right Here


After weeks (and weeks and weeks) of teasing, today marks the first substantial news about GTA Online. Long story short:…

New GTA V Info: Medical Pot, Online Shopping, Crazy Politics, etc.

gta v 1 thumb

With just over a month to go before the game launches and the entire world shuts down, Rockstar has decided…

[UPDATED] Nvidia Might Have Confirmed Grand Theft Auto V for PC

Grand Theft Auto V Trio 140x

UPDATE: Nvidia just sent an official statement our way regarding Grand Theft Auto V. From Bryan Del Rizzo,┬áSenior PR Manager,…

First Look at Grand Theft Auto Online This Thursday


GTA Online info coming August 15.

GameStop Summer Sale Offers Extra Trade-In Credit. And Ice Cream


GameStop is offering extra trade-in credit and ice cream to sweaten the deal (sorry…) this summer.

GTA 5 Receives R18+ Classification in Australia


GTA 5 has been given a restricted rating in Australia.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Invites Players to Live “The Fast Life”


New screenshots depict GTA 5′s characters living the fast life.

Rockstar Job Description Points Towards GTA 5 PC Port


Rockstar may be planning to port GTA 5 to the PC.

New GTA 5 Screenshots for Your Enjoyment


New screenshots of GTA 5 have been released, including one with a fully customized car.

GTA 5 Trailer Teases Multiplayer Mode. We Have Questions


Will it be like an MMO, a battlefield, or what? We don’t know, but we noticed some things and have some questions.

GTA 5: Running List of Confirmed Activities & Minigames


A list of confirmed activities you’ll be able to partake in GTA 5.

GTA 5: First Gameplay Trailer Right Here, with Analysis


Watch now!

Dear Game Developers: Side-Quests Are Distracting, Stop It


Rare is the game in which the player character doesn’t always have a pressing matter to attend to. Whether it’s…

Carjack Our Top GTA V Coverage Right Here


Everything from rumors of a PC version to the return of RPG elements, right here.

Grand Theft Auto V PC (Possibly) Outed, But Stay Calm


Early listings might just have leaked Grand Theft Auto V PC, but it’s too early to take this as confirmation.

GTA V Preview Rundown: My God, It’s Full Of Stuff


RPG elements, packed with activities, plenty of animals. I want to marry it.

Friday Flame Wars: GTA V’s Regenerating Health — Good or Bad?


What’s your take? Have at it.

Dissecting The New Grand Theft Auto 5 Character Trailers


Dig deep with us, won’t you?

Watch All 3 New New GTA V Trailers Right Here


Yes, we’re as susceptible to marketing as anyone else, at least where horrendous criminality is concerned.

KIFFLOM! GTA V Marketing Is Indeed Starting Up Again


It’s kind of hilarious.

Rockstar’s GTA V Epsilon Twitter Feed Is Active Again


And we’re going to speculate wildly, with some background information to boot.

Official GTA 5 Box Art Reveals It Is, in Fact, GTA Box Art


Prepare to have your mind remain functional.

Game Front’s Five Fav GTA San Andreas Mods


So sit back, relax and strap on your seat belt.

Take-Two Interactive Shuts Down GTA V Scams


Take-Two is taking action against GTA V-oriented scams.

Will We Ever Convince People That Games Are Not The Problem?


A look at the studies that have been done and why people blame games.

Comment of the Week: We Need to Make Hard Choices


In the violent video game debate.

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