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OK, Seriously, Grand Theft Auto Did Not Cause The London Riots


Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop drinking.

Happy International Beer Day! Here are 5 Awesome Drunk Gaming Moments

commander shepard drinking

Drink every time someone gets drunk!

GTA 4 Mod — Superman


Bird? Plane? No, it’s a homicidal kleptomaniac who now has the power to fly!

Screenbrags #1 – GTA IV Looks Better Than Real Life


Seriously. I’ve been to New York City many times, and these screens from Liberty City make it look fake.

Grand Theft Auto 4 Tilt-Shift Machinima (Video)


Don’t know what tilt-shift is? Watch this video to find out. If you do know, watch this video.

Grand Theft Auto 4 Mod Nears Photorealism (Video)


This mod adds shaders and lighting effects that make GTA4 look like a car commercial.

New Old Study Suggests Violent Games Desensitize, Increase Aggression

grand theft auto 4 thumb

It’s basically a do-over of a 2005 study, with the same results.

The Untold Origins Of Grand Theft Auto


Archaeologists of the future will be looting these things out of the ruined skyscrapers of our decayed, buried cities.

Rockstar and Take Two Casting Call Offers Possible GTA V Clues


Kind of. Sort of. Maybe? Possibly. And you can quote us on that. I think.

Apparently, There is Some Debate Over Whether or Not Playing Video Games Makes You a Better Driver

kinect driving

This should come as no surprise.

Congressman Proposes Health Warning Label for Video Games


Potential law would save gamers from the health risk of gaming: like increased aggression toward politicians who label games unhealthy.

Massive Rockstar, 2K Sale on XBLA This Week

red dead fight a bear thumb

Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto IV, Bioshock 2, Mafia II and Borderlands all have DLC on sale this week.

State Takes Woman’s Kids Because of ‘Online Computer Game Addiction,’ Being a Terrible Person

grand theft auto 4 thumb

This woman’s husband says she’s addicted to some kind of video game, which is why she chose not to take care of her children. No word on why he didn’t take care of them instead.

GTA4 Wheel Friction Mod Produces Insane Video


What happens when you turn off the wheel friction in GTA 4? One gamer decided to let you see.

Left 4 Dead, GTA IV Prices Slashed for Steam Holiday Sale

steam thumb

You’ll want to get in on these insane deals — they’ll only last until tomorrow afternoon.

Drop Everything And Watch ‘The Brothers Mario’ (VIDEO)


Finally, the gritty crime drama at the heart of the Mario series is faithfully recreated. Best. Use. Of GTA IV. Ever.

If Game Marketing Used Negative Review Quotes


The most sexually confusing list we’ve made so far!

How To Install and Run GTA IV Mods


Just like it says on the box: We’ll show you how to install and run GTA IV mods. Also, we’ll share some of our favorites with you. It’s like Christmas in July, only in September.

A ‘Gravity Gun’ Mod For GTA IV

Gravity Gun

Technically it’s more of a “magnetic catapult”, but Gravity Gun just sounds cooler.

Resident Evil IV Mod: The Zombie Apocalypse GTA IV


This mod takes the GTA series to its logical conclusion: Forget plot, just kill every single thing you can. Plus zombies.

A First Person Shooter Version Of GTA IV. Awesome.


We can die happy. This FPS mod of GTA IV is officially the last possible thing anyone will ever come up with before civilization runs out of ideas.

Fake GTA Story Results in Damages


British tabloid The Daily Star has now issued an apology for an article they wrote publicizing a fake Grand Theft Auto title based on the shootings in Rothbury. They’re paying damages as well.

Red Dead Redemption Robbed a Lot of Banks

Take-Two Interactive today released a pile of financial data for Q2 FY 2010, and one of the big bits that…

Video Game Violence is Now A-OK with Chicago Transit

Back in 2008, the Chicago Transit Authority pulled all GTA IV ads from its ad spaces on buses and bus…

Rockstar’s New Steam Patches Might Be Breaking Games

That was pretty funny a couple weeks back when it turned out Rockstar was using a dead pirate group’s no-DVD…

Michael Pachter Says Microsoft Paid $75 Million for GTA IV

Eurogamer had an interview with Michael Pachter, forecaster extraordinnaire, and they talked about lots of stuff. Lots of stuff. You’ve…

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Grand Theft Auto IV Patches

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition v. 1.1 Patch This patch will update the PC version of…

Grand Theft Auto IV The Ballad of Gay Tony Fizz and Nightlife Trailer

This trailer shows off Liberty City’s celebrity gossip show, Fizz! Watch in guilty rapture as they expose the drunken, scandalous,…

New Grand Theft Auto Episode Showcases Liberty City Night-Life

Rockstar has revealed Grand Theft Auto IV: Episodes from Liberty City. The game features episode two, The Ballad of Gay…

Columnist Targets Violent Videogames for Promoting Acceptance of Torture

Just a minute, I’ve got to adjust my soapbox before I talk about comparing playing violent videogames with accepting torture….

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