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Sony Confirms Layoffs at UK Studios


Several of Sony’s UK-based studios have been hit with layoffs. SCEE has confirmed that developers including Evolution Studios, Guerrilla Cambridge…

How To Get Killzone: Shadow Fall Pre-order Bonus Soundtrack

killzone echo

Those who bought Killzone: Shadow Fall alongside their PS4s when the system launched in November were promised the game’s soundtrack…

Killzone Shadow Fall Launch Trailer Gets You Pumped


While admittedly not as pump-up-worthy as the story trailer from a couple weeks ago, this launch trailer for Killzone: Shadow…

Sony Gives Killzone 1 an HD Overhaul for Killzone Trilogy

killzone 3 thumb

Three games, all the multiplayer content — $40.

Guerrilla’s Arjan Brussee To Join Visceral Games


This ends an 8 year tenure with the company he co-founded.