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Guild Wars 2 Dev Will Reverse Currency Exchange Changes

Guid Wars 2

ArenaNet has announced its intention to reverse recent changes to the Guild Wars 2’s currency system following a flood of…

Try Guild Wars 2 Free for a Week Starting Tomorrow


If you haven’t tried Guild Wars 2 yet, this week you’ll get a chance to jump in the game for…

Guild Wars 2 is Half-Off Through April 13

guild wars 2 1 thumb

If you’ve been waiting until Guild Wars 2 was cheaper to give it a try, now’s your chance – digital…

Big Changes Planned For Guild Wars 2 in April


ArenaNet was just getting started when it wrapped up the living world storyline of Guild Wars 2 with the Battle…

Guild Wars 2 Battle for Lion’s Arch Begins Next Week


The final fight with Scarlet Briar begins on March 4. ArenaNet has announced that the fourth and final content update…

Lion’s Arch is Scarlet Briar’s Target in Next Guild Wars 2 Update


Scarlet Briar is taking off the kid gloves. ArenaNet announced this morning that Briar’s siege on the very heart of…

New Guild Wars 2 Zone, Edge of Mists, Incoming


The hunt for Scarlet Briar will continue in an all-new Guild Wars 2 zone, a floating city in the clouds…

It’s the Beginning of the End in Guild Wars 2: The Origins of Madness


Scarlet Briar isn’t going out without a fight. The Guild Wars 2 arch-villain has been wreaking havoc on Tyria since…

Ho, Ho, Ho! Guild Wars 2 Gearing Up For Wintersday


One word: Toypocalypse! Young, freckle-faced Mike Sharkey dreamed of such a day. For Guild Wars 2 players, that day is…

Guild Wars 2 “Great Migration” is on


NCSoft and ArenaNet want you to renounce subscription MMOs (you know who you are) forever, and they’re dangling a nice…

Treat! Guild Wars 2 Halloween Update Revealed


Trick or treat across Tyria at your own risk. ArenaNet just unveiled the anticipated Halloween update for Guild Wars 2,…

Next Guild Wars 2 Update Brings Trouble to Twilight Arbor


The team at ArenaNet certainly keep themselves busy. The result is a ton of content for Guild Wars 2, and…

Guild Wars 2′s ‘Living Story’ to Become Permanent


Guild Wars 2′s Living World story content will have a much deeper impact on player characters.

Guild Wars 2 Achievement Overhaul On The Way


Guild Wars 2 is going to reward players through an account-wide achievement system.

Guild Wars 2 Will Probably Not Have Standalone Expansion Packs


No expansions for Guild Wars 2, at least not in the form of standalone packs.

ArenaNet is Creating Guild Wars 2 API for Tool Builders


It’s not the same as modding, but it’s the next best thing.

The Perfect MMO, As Envisioned By A Player


The best game ever. By James Murff, age 8.

Guild Wars 2 Opens The Super Adventure Box


It’s a retro-themed zone, replete with 256 color characters and old school platforming.

Guild Wars 2 – Flame & Frost: The Razing


Details about new content coming in Flame and Frost: The Razing.

Why MMO Economies Are Broken & 4 Ways To Repair Them


Virtual economies can teach us important lessons about real-world markets. Too bad these virtual marketplaces aren’t much fun to play with.

Guild Wars 2 Removes Paid PvP Tournaments


Free tournaments remain.

Why MMO Death Blows & 4 Ways To Make It Interesting


Want to find out more ways that the MMO genre can be improved? Check out the rest of our series…

Guild Wars 2 ‘Guild Missions’ System Detailed


Guilds will have more things to do besides raid WvW together.

Guild Wars 2 to Introduce New PvP Mode With Spirit Watch


The upcoming patch for Guild Wars 2 is slated to add a new PvP mode.

Why MMO Guilds Are Useless & 5 Ways to Improve Them


Guilds need to make their presence felt.

Guild Wars 2′s ‘Living Story’ Gets Updated, Guild Missions Incoming


Guild missions, more PvP options, and more are coming to Guild Wars 2

Why MMO Dungeons Are Irrelevant & 5 Ways to Change Them


MMO dungeon crawls aren’t quite as engaging as the ones you go through with pen and paper.

Guild Wars 2′s Dynamic Leveling System Gets Rebalanced


It’s now more fun for high level characters to explore low level areas. Like a new age look with a vintage feel.

Guild Wars 2 To Expand With A ‘Living Story’


Guild Wars 2 will contain an emergent narrative with a series of updates coming this year.

Why MMO Exploration is Unimportant & 4 Ways To Make it Meaningful


Why is it that exploring an open game world doesn’t feel as fun as it should be?

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