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5 Games That Could Use An Extended Cut


A.K.A. “Games that make you go ‘that’s it!’”

Valve: “We are not announcing anything at E3. Really.”


Spoken by Gabe Newell himself.

Valve Discusses “Ricochet 2;” Codename for Half-Life 3?


Or maybe he really is just excited about the sequel to a 12-year-old mod that nobody cares about anymore.

Half-Life 2 Fans Plan to Pack the Game On Feb. 4

half life 2 thumb

Playing Half-Life 2 because it’s awesome.

10 LOST Video Game Easter Eggs (VIDEO)


These Easter eggs are far less confusing than the TV show.

Portal 2 Portrait, Borealis and Vitrified Doors Achievements

portal 2 borealis thumb

Get some backstory on Aperture Science, GLaDOS and Half-Life 2: Episode 2 with these hidden achievements and trophies.