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Valve Tosses Half-Life Jokes into Counter Strike: Global Offensive (PICS)

counter strike half life thumb

Valve likes to goof on us, and itself.

The Best Half-Life Fan Films


We took some time to locate 5 of the best hand-crafted FUBU (for us, by us) fan films from the Half-Life Community

10,000-Strong Steam Group Wants Half-Life 3 Update from Valve

half life 2 thumb

When are people going to realize that Valve is not a democracy and therefore doesn’t care about your digital protest.

Half-Life 2 Mod, “Elevator: Source”, Has Perfectly Described Our Civilization


Exhibit 200 in the “why didn’t I think of this?” files.

Russian Half-Life Fan Film


Oh, those Russians…

Valve: No, Seriously, There is No Valve ARG for Half-Life 3


So let it go already.

Check Out This Custom-Made LEGO Gordon Freeman (PIC)

lego freeman thumb

He has a Combine rifle and it’s cool.

5 Games We’d Love to See Released in 2012, But Won’t Be

assassin's creed revelations troll thumb

Five games that aren’t real or possible, but would be great to see in 2012 anyway.

Ah, Hell — The Internet Starts Speculating About Some Valve Reveal in 2012

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God damn you, Gabe.

Half-Life 2 Goes Left 4 Dead with ‘No More Room In Hell’ Mod, Releasing on Halloween (TRAILER)

no more room in hell thumb

If you’re not aware, it has zombies in it.

Newell Says, If You Give People Good Service, They Won’t Pirate Your Game

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30 Awesome PC Case Mods

girlfriend mod thumb

A whole mess of very cool-looking PCs.

Survive Space Disaster in Titan: XCIX Part One (HL2 MOD)


Grab a copy of this detailed, story-driven mod!

For Labor Day: The 5 Hardest Working Video Game Characters


We break down a who’s who of gaming characters who really deserve a holiday in their honor.

10 Shooters Every PC Gamer Must Play


Have you played them all?

Escape from City 17 in Part Two of This Half-Life Fan Film

half-life escape

This has been a long time coming.

Nielsen Releases June Ratings For PC Games, Consoles


In other news, Nielsen tracks video game usage.

Half-Life 2 Mod — Resistance & Liberation Open Beta


Relive the invasion of Normandy in this realism mod.

Half-Life 2 Mod — The Stanley Parable


Fantastic. Brilliant. Intriguing. Amazing. Incredible. All these words have been used by reviewers to describe this mod.

Half-Life 2 Mod — Nightmare House 2


Horror that involves a creepy girl. Where have I seen that before… Oh yeah. Everywhere.

THAT’s How You’re Supposed to Half-Life Fanfilm!

half-life singularity collapse

From now on, that’s how you Half-Life fanfilm. It takes a dysfunctional motherf–ker to bust somebody in the head like that.

Half-Life 2 Mod — Off Limits


Old-school multiplayer FPS action.

Half-Life Mod — Earth’s Special Forces: ECX RC2


I’m not sure why they didn’t call this mod “Dragonball Z.”

Half-Life 2 Mod — Dear Esther


A deserted island… a lost man… memories of a fatal crash… a book written by a dying explorer.

Half-Life 2 Head Tracking Mod (Video)


Tilt your head to look around corners — it’s that easy.

Action Half-Life 2 Mod


Bringing the 1970s to Half-Life 2. Groovy.

Half-Life 2 Mod — Call In


Half-Life Episode 1.5?

Half-Life 2 Mod — Source Media Arcade


A 3D, interactive user interface to launch games and browse files. It’s not a game — it’s a whole new way to use a computer.

Half-Life 2 Mod — Kingdoms Collide


It’s sort of like World of Warcraft PvP, except… better.

Half-Life 2 Mod — GraviNULL


Gravity is not your b*tch.

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