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Jetpack Joyride – Launch Trailer



Halfbrick Says 2,000 Hours of Gameplay in Jetpack Joyride (TRAILER)

machine gun jetpack 2 thumb

And I’m not entirely sure they’re joking.

Machine Gun Jetpack is Now Jetpack Joyride, Still Looks Awesome (TRAILER)

machine gun jetpack thumb

It’s coming to iOS on Sept. 1.

A Machine Gun Jetpack Isn’t Your Only Vehicle in Machine Gun Jetpack (TRAILER)

machine gun jetpack 2 thumb

You can also use planes, mechs and teleporters to bring your mayhem.

In Honor of Fruit Ninja Kinect — 5 iOS Games That Would Rock on Kinect

pocket god thumb

You can slice fruit with your Kinect — why can’t you sword fight, build stuff and torture natives with your godlike powers?

Halfbrick Devs Talk About Keeping It Simple (VIDEO)

machine gun jetpack thumb

This game looks amazing.

E3 2011 – Fruit Ninja To Hit Kinect This Summer, Facebook This Year

fruit ninja kinect 1 thumb

Slice fruit no matter where you are.