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New Halo 3 Easter Egg Discovered After 7 Years

halo 3

A new Easter egg has been discovered in Halo 3 for the first time since its original release. The egg…

343 Relaunching Halo Games as Halo: Master Chief Collection

halo master chief collection thumb

In the run-up to the launch of Halo 5, 343 Industries and Microsoft are re-releasing all of Master Chief’s previous…

The History of Halo – In Pictures (Gallery)


The Halo series has been with us since November, 2001. Halo: Combat Evolved, for its time, was an amazing looking…

Microsoft Adding Free Games, Other Improvements to Xbox Live

xbox live 1 thumb

Microsoft announced a few improvements to Xbox Live, and the abandonment of its Microsoft Points currency.

Halo 3 For PC Mentioned in Latest AMD Catalyst Drivers

halo 3 thumb

A little more evidence, despite Microsoft’s denials.

Bungie To Hand Halo Franchise To 343 Industries March 31st

halo 4 thumb

Maybe no more reissues or prequels?

Look At This Pretty Sweet Halo Machinima


I mean, it’s machinima, but it’s pretty good for machinima.

Boy With A History Of Violence Kills Grandmother With Sword: Halo Blamed


Noel Gallagher was unavailable for comment.

Evolution of Halo Wallpaper (Pic)


No religious or ideological implications.

Swamp Ass PSA Starring Nathan Fillion (Video)


Help Captain Gunnery Sergeant Reynolds call attention to this terrible blight.

Bulletstorm Takes a Shot at Call of Duty with Downloadable Duty Calls (TRAILER)

duty calls thumb

A new parody trailer from Epic Games and People Can Fly rips another FPS rival, and this time, it has its own downloadable game.

Turns Out, Microsoft was Right About Autistic Kid Cheating

cheating thumb

He and his mom let someone boost achievements on his account to earn Halo 3′s Recon Armor, of which Microsoft does not approve.

The Best Live-Action Game Commercials Ever Ever


Ever ever ever ever ever.

34 Cortana Cosplayers (HOT AND NOT-HOT PICS)


Enjoy this. But don’t enjoy it too much.

NYCC: New Halo Trilogies, Film Could Roll Out Starting in 2012

reach multi 1

It’s not confirmed, but Halo’s media promotion company might have just revealed the future.

Dreamworks Eying Halo Movie


No deals yet, but perhaps Halo: The Movie isn’t as dead as we thought.

15 Bad Master Chief Cosplayers (PICS)


I’m mostly just disappointed that more fat people don’t dress up as the ole MC. Come on, people.

Master Chief Ain’t Done Yet


Halo 3 didn’t end on a sort-of cliffhanger just because the devs thought it would be funny, apparently.

Dell Serves up Some Sweet XBox 360 Bundle Deals


If you’re one of those gamers who doesn’t own a 360 yet (C’mon, there have to be some out there…

Kick Up Some Sand in Forge Cafe’s Halo3 Mapmaking Contest

The Forge is one of those features that you wouldn’t naturally include in a console shooter but as the portion…

BringIt: Competitive Gamers to Clash for Cash

BringIt is setting up a service with a secure site where gamers can compete for cash online 24/7. Any game…

Bungie Advises Against Installing Halo 3

In the weeks leading up to today’s release of the New Xbox Experience, reports circulated on the impact of installing…

Halo 3 Takes Top Honors with Robert Plant and The Police Production Teams at TEC Awards

The Halo 3 sound production team was among those who received top honors at the 24th Annual Technical Excellence &…

Maddie Reference in New Bungie Trailer a Coincidence

As expected, the new teaser trailer Bungie released yesterday has been picked apart frame-by-frame with various details being discovered. One…

Bungie Reveals Teaser for New Halo 3 Campaign?

Halo 3 'Keep It Clean' teaser After an ominous countdown on their website, Bungie has revealed a new teaser trailer…

Halo 3 Adds New Achievements Today With Title Update 2

We seem to be on the verge of a major announcement from Bungie, what with the Superintendent surfacing once again…

Ensemble Studios Was Working on a Halo MMO Before Their Closing

You’ve probably heard the unsettling news that Ensemble Studios, developer behind Age of Empires, would be closing its doors following…

Bungie Shoots Down Bots, Campaign Objects in Forge

Bungie issued a video acceptance speech at the Edge Awards earlier this month which sparked any number of rumors, including…

Microsoft Will "Explore Not Exploit" the Halo Franchise

People who worry that in five years we’ll be facing the impending launches of Halo Tennis 4 Master Chief Racing…

Halo 3 Regains Xbox Live’s Top Spot

For the first time since the last week in January, Halo 3 has regained the its number one spot in…

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