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343 Relaunching Halo Games as Halo: Master Chief Collection

halo master chief collection thumb

In the run-up to the launch of Halo 5, 343 Industries and Microsoft are re-releasing all of Master Chief’s previous…

You Can Get Your Xbox Live Avatar On a T-Shirt

xbox live avatar on a t-shirt

Like, a real t-shirt.

Bungie’s Marathon Trilogy Available for Free Download


Life ain’t a track meet. It’s a Marathon.

Halo Anniversary – Speed Reader Achievement Tips


Scan this articles for tips to complete Halo’s hardest archievement.

Halo Anniversary – Grenadier Achievement Guide


Escape a deadly ambush with out in-depth acheivement guide.

Halo Anniversary – Terminal Locations


Find these mysterious terminals with hints of things to come.

Halo Anniversary – Skull Locations


Find every skull and learn their wacky effects.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Review


Traditional 10th anniversary gifts are supposed to made out of tin or aluminum. Master Chief wants diamonds.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Walkthrough


Master Chief is back in HD.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Cheats


Master Chief would approve.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Achievements


Experience the first Halo with the benefit of achievements.

A Halo Sniper Rifle Made out of Legos

halo sniper rifle legos

What the hell?

343′s Chad Armstrong Tells You Everything You Want to Know About Halo Anniversary


He talks about skuuuuuuuuuuuuulls.

343: Halo Anniversary Skulls Are “Even More Difficult” to Find Than Halo 3


Which is kind of insane…

Halo Anniversary Single-Player Campaign Preview


It’s exactly what you think it is–Halo 1 in HD. And that’s a pretty good thing.

Halo Anniversary Multiplayer Preview


Killing spree!

More Behind the Scenes with Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

halo combat evolved anniversary thumb

Talkin’ about making old games new again.

Halo: Anniversary’s Kinect Functionality Is The Bomb. Literally.


It actually sounds useful and fun. HINT: Make things go boom by voice command!

Report: Microsoft Targeting November 25 For Xbox Dashboard Update

xbox tv

You know, the one with all the TV stuff.

Xbox TV Stuff Detailed

xbox tv

It’s not quite what we were expecting.

Xbox TV Is Coming This Year

xbox tv

I want it now, though!

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary – Behind the Scenes Campaign Video


Learn a thing or two about how it’s going to play.

Halo Anniversary Will Support 3D

halo anniversary


GameFront’s PAX Panel Watch-List (Infographic)


Out of over 150 panels at PAX, here are the top 30 to look out for.

Retro Rewind — Halo: Combat Evolved


You had me at “Halo.”

Goof on Master Chief With Our Halo: Combat Evolved Retro Speed Walkthrough


He sounds like Alvin and the Master Chiefmunks!

Comic-Con 2011: New Halo Anniversary Video


Remakes rule!!

Check Out What The Halo Anniversary Pre-order Skull Will Do To Grunts (VIDEO)

halo anniversary

It’s quite explosive.

343 Discusses Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary (VIDEO)

halo anniversary

It’s propaganda.

Your OK Halo Anniversary Pre-Order Bonuses

halo anniversary

Yeah, this isn’t particularly exciting, unless you’re a skull enthusiast.

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