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eSports by the Numbers: Valve Wins


Valve has proven a new model.

BBC Hilariously Confuses Halo UNSC With UN Security Council


Apparently we’re sending Master Chief to Syria.

Bungie To Hand Halo Franchise To 343 Industries March 31st

halo 4 thumb

Maybe no more reissues or prequels?

5 Gaming Cliches We Never Want to See Again in 2012


This Just In: from the Department of Sensible Futility.

You’ll Be Able To Control Your Xbox With Your Phone Tomorrow


Is that an exciting thing? I don’t really know.

Microsoft Giving You Another New Xbox Experience Tomorrow


Now with TV stuff!

Bungie’s Marathon Trilogy Available for Free Download


Life ain’t a track meet. It’s a Marathon.

Xbox Live Has Not Been Hacked, Sorry


Move along now.

Microsoft Offering Up a Pair of Xbox 360 Bundles for the Holidays

xbox bundles

And they don’t cost extra, so…

The Gamer’s Date Night Guide

catherine date thumb

Plan your weekend with our suggestions for dates that can involve gaming.

Bungie Employee Subdues Criminal


No word on whether he tea-bagged him.

Evolution of Halo Wallpaper (Pic)


No religious or ideological implications.

You Always Knew it Sucked to be Luigi (LINKS)


Today’s link dump investigates the Mushroom Kingdom’s forgotten sidekick.

TeamLiquid to Host StarCraft 2 Pro Players Lounge at MLG Anaheim


Ask your favorite pro players anything on Reddit throughout the MLG weekend.

PAX Prime 2011 Exhibitor List Teased


CHEAP CLIFFHANGER BLURB: Click to find out who has been confirmed for Pax Prime 2011, so far…

Bungie’s Revealing Something on Bungie Day


Just in case you don’t know, that’s July 7.

A Halo: Reach Demo Now Available on Xbox Live


Why do they do this?

Bungie Going Mobile?


Bungie has a new spinoff company!

Bungie Won’t Be at E3 This Year


They’re also passing Halo support and forums over to the XBox site.

Portal: Reach Is The Greatest Idea We’ve Heard Since Mega-Metroid-Man


Note: Mega-Metroid-Man is something I just made up. But Portal: Reach is something you can watch right now!

Report: New Xbox 360 Disc Format Has 1gb More Space, Altered Security


So, both my guesses were correct.

Microsoft Launches New Xbox 360 Beta for “an Updated Disc Format”


And you can get in on it.

Heavy Rain’s Creator Hates On Space Marines


David Cage’s comments are completely reasonable. Yet he’s still going to be treated like he’s trolling the entire Internet.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and St. Patrick’s Day (LINKS)


Today’s link dump gives you destinations for St. Patrick’s Day, hot Irish girls, and bad electrical choices.

Halo: Reach Defiant Map Pack Review


Long story short: This short story could have been longer.

Roxio Reveals Game Capture for Consoles and PC


Finally, an easy way to show off that stupid thing you did in Halo: Reach that one time.

Microsoft Hiring Staff to Work on ‘Next-Gen Console Architectures’

xbox-360-slim thumb

It’s not clear yet, but Microsoft could be working on a new console, or fiddling with its existing one. Or maybe something else.

Bungie’s MMO Confirmation Was “Just a Joke”


Seriously guys, they were just kidding.

Angry Birds Coming to Windows Phone 7

windows thumb

Along with a bunch of other games, and Fable Coin Golf due next month.

Halo: Reach Defiant Map Pack Gets Release Date


And it’s super soon.

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